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  1. Font ID Please

  2. Font ID Please

    Can anyone help with this one? Thanks
  3. Font ID Please

    sure is close "S" is slightly different but I could work with that, anyone else?
  4. Font ID Please

    Can anyone direct me to this font? Thanks
  5. Locking Print HEad For Shipping

    Yeah, I'm taking it 20 miles down the road. My dealer said (late Friday night, so they were closed by the time I looked in manual for blue thing location) just put that on print head and not to worry about flushing lines, just bottle. Thanks
  6. Locking Print HEad For Shipping

    Hello All, I'm moving my SP540v, and was informed I need to lock print head with blue metal piece on back, however, I'm not finding any instructions in user guide. Can somone help a mental midget, and tell me where this thing goes......and any other advice on moving one. Thanks, Tom Pleck
  7. wholesale engravers

    Does anybody have a good source for engraved electrical panel id plaques?
  8. Flexi Pan Zoom Help

    Yes, I tried to restore defaults with no luck, I even turned the view tool on & off and could not see where it is. The view pallete is floating around somewhere, but I can't see it. Does anyone else have a tip on how to get it back on the side?? Thanks
  9. Flexi Pan Zoom Help

    Hello, I was messing around with dual monitor setup and moved my zoom & pan pallette to other sceen, Now I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know how to restore the z&p tool pallette? :help: Thanks. Tom
  10. font id please...

    Goudy family
  11. font I.D. Help Please

    Goudy family........
  12. Font Help Please

    Thanks Fred, Geary I tried to edit photo with no luck so gave. Thanks anyway, I found one close enough.
  13. Font Help Please

    I can't remember this one, I think it's marker or something close. Thanks
  14. GBC Laminator... I need to learn the finer points of adjustments

    Well, I feel a little better about my P.O.S. Royal Sovereign. I've just about quit fooling with large prints just for these reasons. Doug my machine does the exact same thing as yours, it's bad enough to have to waste the amount of lamination you do just to load it with out having to shitcan a...
  15. Is this a font???

    Is the "DINGO" a true font or made up, I need to make the word "diesel" the same. Thanks
  16. Font Please

    I know it's hard to see but if anyones can identify I would appreciate it. I thought it was some sort of Highway or Futura font? Thanks
  17. Dead Head or out of Ink?

    Line could be clogged, but more likely the pump is bad. Mine went bad & was replaced under warranty.
  18. FlexiSign Font Troubles - What Gives??

    Go under text command & hit "break apart" then you will be able to slide letters.
  19. What is it????????

    This font has been eluding me for years...........what is the name of the font that says "In This Issue" on the covers of Sign Business magazine. Thanks:U Rock:
  20. Font ID help

    In Flexi it matches Informal011 BT????