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  1. Beverage of choice?

    mountain dew with captain morgans
  2. Sprinter Van Recesses...

    I met a guy who told me he had thin aluminum bent into channels and fit it into the recess with 2 sided tape and put the vinyl over it. I don't know what he did in the corners . Maybe you could cut and bend it . I never saw it in person. I worked for Freightliner for 10 years and used to cut...
  3. Emergency Vehicle High Vis Reflective???

    Hi Guys I have not posted for a couple of years now . I thought I was out of the sign and graphics business...but I got this new job refurbishing fire apparatus which is pretty cool. After an local sign shop did a poor install on one of our trucks (I won't...
  4. production manager problems

    That happened to me and i called flexi but it was a year ago. goto edit/preference/tools/click on rip and print/make sure box for connect to production manager using tcp/ip is checked. I thing that is what it was. Hope that helps. kendall
  5. font id help

    Thanks for the replys. I have some text to do on my customers sign and he wanted it all the same font. I had already traced out his logo from a piece of letterhead. I tried what the font last night for the first time,that is a neet little resource. The clear liner that comes off of the...
  6. font id help

    Hi guys can anybody take a look at this one? Thanks kendall
  7. suggestions on a cutter

    Any cutter you buy, you'll want a bigger one after you start using the first one. And as far as you building a business on cutting alone, IMHO your going to get eat'n up if you try to compete in the "sign" market. Hope your planing to find a niche market to grow your business, but, every one has...
  8. Need a little help on this one....

    Fonts and Typography Discussion of fonts. Design, technology, usage, classification and identification. :) Yes Please
  9. Need a little help on this one....

    Im sure everybody knows,, but I dont :rolleyes:
  10. Mutoh Falcon Outdoor ???

    I have a Mutoh Falcon Outdoor 46 for about 5 months now. It is my first printer I was scared to death of it at first and actually started to hate its guts , but I still have to pay for it so I have been trying to use it for everything I can and now the prints are getting better and easier. I...
  11. What Size Cutter?

    It seems that no matter what size equipment you have ,You always need one just a little wee bit bigger. graphtec 30" roland 15"
  12. What Plotter Brand Would You Give Your Highest Recommendation To?

    I started out with a ROLAND PNC900 but I was going bald from pulling out my hair listening to it cut. I have a Graphtec FC5100-75 now .It is fast ,dependable and quiet. It has no problems on Print/cut jobs. An excellent machine.
  13. Need help in identifying this font

    I don't ,but I know you have a cute ***.
  14. Need help in identifying this font

    Hi Could anyone take a look at this and see if they reconize this this font for the "better day trucking inc and k,c,& j " text. Thanks
  15. Need help with this font

    What font is this and what font identfying software do you recomend? Thanks.
  16. ReedAerospace

    Comment by 'ReedAerospace' in media 'Rocket_2_sm'

    No, Thats not your kids estes rocket. Standing next to the rocket, I came up to the "c". The vinyl was cast.
  17. Member Album by ReedAerospace

    Member Album by ReedAerospace

  18. Rocket_2_sm


  19. Oh Happy Day! Got my Graphtec.

    The two cutters to get are the Summa & Graphtec.