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  1. Transparent background question?

    in corel, if it's a bitmap you're using, just open BITMAPS-BITMAP COLOR MASK. that will open a docker window that allows you to select any color(s) that you want to make transparent.
  2. copywrite question

    i think it's deeper than that.... the fabric store is selling the "logo" to you for your own personal use.... if you use that (blanket, hat, bear or whatever)for resale with those logos, you mught be bordering on a problem.
  3. Help with Roland Versa Camm 300

    the problem of "not finishing" the cuts is probably due to the offset of the blade being wrong... while it is difficult to cut 1/4 in letters, i've done it sucessfully on my roland 300 machine. use a good blade with as little force as you can get away with and it should be doable.
  4. quick ? about tractor

    i use perfed vinyl all the time in my CX 300 and used it in my PC 900 for years ... no problems
  5. VMP Won't cut

    in the "pre dongle" era of VMP, it was related to the program not being "registered".... not sure if that's an issue with the dongle or not, but you might want to see if VMP is recognizing your product as being a registered version if just having the dongle is not enough to tell the prgram that...
  6. delete white box around bitmap

    in corel, you just bring up the "bitmap color mask" and choose the color you want to hide ...
  7. corel help

    if the tractor is a bitmap image, you can drop the white color using the "bitmap color mask" and choosing to hide the color you want dropped (white in this case)
  8. Help with CorelDraw 12

    yeah does sound strange... only other thing i can think of real quick is to check under "TEXT_FORMAT TEXT" check the style and depending on the font you're using, there may be a "style" in the 'character' box that says its supposed to be under lined, or may the underline characteristic is checked on
  9. Help with CorelDraw 12

    go to the end of the last word you want underlined and press the underline button to turn underline off. the following text should appear un-underlined. unfortunately, if you alreay have a group that you don't want underlined, you have to highlight that text and turn off the underline on those...
  10. COREL text box issue.......

    try this ... Tools/Customization/Text/Paragraph... deselsect "show text frames"
  11. COREL text box issue.......

    It should dissappear as soon as you type somthing in the box or select the Text button while making the box active
  12. Text in a container

    type in your text... choose effects, envelope... select add new... adjust the nodes to where u want them
  13. Vmp Unregistered Itself

    had VMP "unregister" itself once, not because of DST or the end of DST, but it showed up as unregistered.... anyway, a quick reinstall of the program solved the problem--- I'm assuming you have the older non-dongle version
  14. combo printer/fax/copier opinions? ideas?

    Our other business operation here is as an Copier Dealer and office supply store... For your best benefit PLEASE talk to a good reputable Copier dealer B4 you make that purchase... most of the Copier/ fax/printers that sell in the 800$ range are NOT going to be able to produce the quanity of...
  15. Serrated cut lines?

    maybe check for a worn out platen... could have a groove worn in it so the blad's not contacting the vinyl evenly
  16. Masking tool

    The only masking tools i've seen have been in bitmapped based programs.. Corel Paint, photoshop etc... VMP is strictly a vector based program. I've been using it for abt 5 years now...LOVE the program and for the price it out paced my former vinyl cutting program by a bunch... Anyway... i...
  17. How to scale a template in VMP

    once you size your rectangle at 30" proportionallly, then select the picture of the sign and click on the proportional resize button. The sign, just the sign, will then be the dimensions that you want.
  18. Backup Utilities?

    i've been using Mr. Mirror by warpgear. allows single file or multifile /folder backups and standard zip file compression. Also has scheduler for auto backups of whatever "backup set" of files you want... I believe they have a try for free version at there site
  19. Help! Cutting from Corel.

    What Royal said.... I had an instance where there wre close to a dozen "layers of the object in the "picture" that were overlayed... lots of selecting and deleting to clen them out
  20. Help! Cutting from Corel.

    sounds like multiple images one on top of the other ... you need to get rid of the extra "images" and thus the extra lines to cut