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  1. Happy Birthday Fred!

    Have a Good n' Fred !!!
  2. Old School Country Music Fans - Do you remember this?

    Some Great Stuff in the "Old School Country Music" here,,, far too much to list as far as likes and dislikes,, most is Great Stuff,,, don't mean to crash a thread but to enhance the subject of "Old Country",, here's one for the older crowd here,, does anyone remember "Radio" ??? When Up,, Up in...
  3. Help, please?

    I've found "Brake Fluid" works great,,, put it in a spray btl,, wet it down,, soak for a bit,, scrub brush to loosen,, rinse with water,, reapply where needed,, wipe the finished face with alcohol,,, good to go,, well,, it works here anyway,,, Good Luck on it !!!
  4. Need tips on HDU

    Here's your basic tools on carving,,, I've found power tools can get you into trouble pretty quick,, so I prefer the old school hand tools,, they stop when you want them to stop,, but to each his own !!!
  5. Dave Drane...

    Had the Pleasure of meeting Dave and Liddy a few years back,,, a Real People Person,,, He will be Missed,, one of the Good Guys,, Condolences and Prayers to his Family for Their Loss !!!
  6. Legal advice, somebody ripped off my design.

    Neither here nor there,,, but a few years back,, lady comes in,,, wants a "Jesus" sweatshirt,,, 1 of a kind,, airbrush,,, after informed it would run in the $100 catagory,, says fine,,, picked it up the next day,, wore it to church gig,, impressed the troops,, music director says,,, "Hey",, can...
  7. Happy 4TH of July . . . ! ! !

    Happy 4th Everbody !!!
  8. Flexi production manager problem...Need help!

    Might help to open the production manager first,,, then the prog !!!
  9. Your First Sign.

    hahahaha,,, Good Show Dave,,, All Around Good Show !!!
  10. Books on Design

    Walk up and down your local grocery store isles,,, some of the designs there are from some of the top designers in the advertising world,,, all designed to catch your eye,, make a sale,,, get you to choose their can/pkg of product,,, layouts galore,,, just a tad bit of rearranging and you've...
  11. Alignment of Gemini Lettering?

    Lay out all the letters with the straight edge,,, mount the flat letters leaving space for the curved letters,,, drop the straight edge a tad splitting the diff of high and low and mount the curves on that straight edge !!! They're not just taller,, they break the line upper AND lower !!! Good...
  12. Sign Painting Kit? check on the left side box and download the pdf version,,, Great lil book,,, full of some OLD ways of doing things,,, I'm thinkin you'll enjoy it,,, Good influence on your lettering !!! "Atkinson Shocard"
  13. Your First Sign.

    hahahahaha,,, in the 50's,, a dagger striper and #4 quill were a deadly combo,,, pull in to a drive in (teen hangout) start striping the car you came in,,, line forms,,, could pull a coupla hundred in a weekend,,, all at $25 a pop,, $10 for a name 2 sides,,, not bad for a 17 year old punk kid...
  14. So how do you learn to letter by hand?

    Had to computerize to be competitive !!! It ain't tha same as it was,,, 'ol school had a charm to it,, you recognized others by their work,, their own unique style,,, Go for it Pat,,, opens up a whole new world to you,,, you become familiar with each letter,, what makes it tick,, moreso than a...
  15. how do u add fonts to X3

    My Doc,, click on font,, copy,, go to font directory,, paste !!! No muss,, no fuss,, simple !!!
  16. Newbie

    Welcome from Texas !!!
  17. new from Baltimore

    Welcome from Texas !!!
  18. Lxi

    Been using it since 2000 when we first puterized !!! Had never come in contact with puter or cutting software,,, after learning puter,,, LXI was easier to pick up on (learning curve) than I'd feared !!! We use the LXI Expert here and it does most of what we require,,, if not,,, I grab a...
  19. Hello All from 125customs

    Welcome from Texas !!!
  20. Great Trip, but no movie on the flight!

    Welcome from Texas !!! Got a few of those memories myself !!! (just a few tho,,, :Oops: memory's tha first to go)