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  1. Production Manager won't stay connected:

    I have a Graphtex plotter and LXI Master Plus soft ware. For some reason the production manager program won't stay connected. When I try to cut anything out the production manager window pops up and reads production manager disconnected. Have any of you had this problem?
  2. New Sign Shop in North West Ohio

    Re. Signs Hi, where are you from in Ohio, I am from Paulding Ohio
  3. Tractor Clipart

    Hi Does anyone know of any tractor clipart. Thanks
  4. Lxi

    Thanks All!!!! Thanks for all the info!
  5. Lxi

    LXI. Has anyone heard of or used this program? Thanks
  6. Graphtec plotters

    Graghtec plotter You are right I can buy a new 24" from Signware House for 1295. They also sell an off brand of flexi called LXI. Has anyone heard of this?
  7. Graphtec plotters

    Maybe I should just spend the money and geta Graphtec What do you think?
  8. Panther plotters

    Hi. Can you give me some pointers on this unit?
  9. Panther plotters

    Hi. I'm thinking about buying a new Panther plotter 24 inch. Any info on these units? I'll be using it to make signs as well as cutting out patterns for airbrushing motorcycles. Thanks.
  10. Looking for a used plotter

    Hi everyone, I love reading through this forum. It reminds me why I love making signs and custom painting. I used to own a custom painting and sign shop. I really enjoy custom painting motorcycles. After a bike accident I had to give it all up and now that I am back on both feet, I'd like to get...
  11. L

    Comment by 'letsoren' in media 'GandR2'

    Great work!