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  1. Getting in over my head

    Listen to Fred! Buy a copy of photoshop ans corel X3 and learn the programs before you consider purchasing any equipment. I wish I had been given the same advise.
  2. Master 300p!

    bsbp1230 check your PM's
  3. Your Ebay Experience

    Jimdes did you buy a large lot in Jamestown, NY a couple years ago?
  4. Buyer Beware of Desay Graphics On Ebay

    I took a chance with mine and it is still running good after a year. I figured I would not be out too much if it did die on me. Only mistake I made was to buy a 48" and now I am moving into my new house and won't have alot of extra room, and wish I had bought the 24". If anyone is interested in...
  5. Chisel Font help Please!!!

    Mine only says race pack volume 1 not 1b and it has one that is very close if not the same.
  6. Chisel Font help Please!!!

    I think from vehicle graphics, Race pack volume 1 from Signwarehouse?
  7. uh!

    Mine has done it too since day one! I had a problem with a loose connection and or bad cable. After that was solved it was ok for a month or so then started again. It is a junk cutter and I learned my lesson. You get what you pay for. I bought a used 12 year old or so Roland cutter and it is...
  8. Flexi pro 7.0 what is it worth

    I spoke to him today and It is not the full pro version. It is Flexisign 7.5. Can this be upgraded to the full version?
  9. Flexi pro 7.0 what is it worth

    A local sign shop is closing up and selling off some supplies. What is a good price for a copy of Flexi 7.0? He wants me to make him an offer, I don't want to insult him but would like to get it as reasonable as possible. Yes it is a Legal copy. Thanks Tim
  10. T

    Comment by 'Tim N' in media 'hanger.jpg'

    WoW very nice work
  11. NEWBIE... just bought Corel Draw 12

    If you were in my town, from now till May you could not get ten minuites to yourself if you offered that deal. I would have been first in line, and most people would be more than happy to wait two weeks I know I would. (i had a shop on the main drag to our local 1/2 mile asphalt track. i put...
  12. NEWBIE... just bought Corel Draw 12

    I'm not sure where some of you are located but in a small community such as the one I live in The following quote is very true. (I honestly wouldn't have bought this thing if there were decent graphics guys around here... there are mainly sign guys who think they know what looks good on a race...
  13. Need more fonts

    Thanks for all the help these sites are just what I was after. Is there anyone who sells a collection along the lines of the Mega Collection with a catalog for customers to look at?
  14. Need more fonts

    Who has the best font collections. I'm looking for some bold and racy looking fonts. I am doing mostly motorsports stuff and would like some unique fonts to set my work apart from some of the competetors. I have bought some individual ones but would like to start building a collection. Any...
  15. GRAPHTEC SIGNJET PRO JX-1130 Opinions

    Anyone have any experience with this machine? Opinions as far as quality and capabilitys.
  16. Cheap ebay clip art

    I totaly agree with you Fred and no offense is taken. I am pretty new to all of this and am learning as I go. I can appreciate how one can feel strongly about having their artwork stolen as it has happened to me before. I seriously plan to build a nice legit collection as I go. Fortunatly for me...
  17. Cheap ebay clip art

    Hi Fred I certianly don't want any pirated or stolen stuff in my collection. I did inquire and was told that everything was legaly obtained (not that that means anything). How do I know if they are really legit? i won't make the mistake of buying this stuff off e bay again and ordered it prior...
  18. Cheap ebay clip art

    Well I bought some cheap clip art cd's for a specific logo to go on my own stock car from e bay. I know, this was my first mistake. The files are in a zipped format. I installed a zip program, un zipped the files and still can't import them to the Flexi program I'm using. I can view the images...
  19. Hello New Guy Here

    Hello My name is Tim. I'm from Western NY. I am not brand new brand new to the sign making buisness, but I am new to the vinyl buisness. I purchased a Vinyl Master XY-540p cutter from DC sign. It came with Flexi starter software. I ordered a couple of graphics and clip art cd's, some books, and...