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  1. flexi sign question

    Send me one of your files (or more) and I will see what I can find... Flexi 7.5v2 needs to be updated to at least 7.6
  2. CaseMate Fonts

    Must install (copy and paste) the contents of the Caswinfonts folder into a folder on the new system with Flexi... C:/Program Files/YourFlexiFolder/CASfonts/ Reboot Flexi and it should now recognize the Casfonts.
  3. Red Tip vs. Blue Tip

    Red tip is better for use with thicker material like sandblast, high intensity reflective, etc. Blue tip is ideal for softer, thinner materials like vinyl, ambermask, paintmask, etc.
  4. Serious cutting issues with Graphtec!

    I recently added 3 pinch rollers to a 30" model giving it a total of 5 rollers and this made a significant improvement. This allows a 4" to 6" seperation between each pinch roller and hold the material pretty flat. Material memory issues are still there and an occassional scrath can be seen...
  5. VersaCamm Owners / Users ...

    I have always recommended changing the sheet cut blade once a month when using the sheetcut frequently. The machine ships with a pack of 25 blades. After changing the blade each month for two years, buy a pack of replacements (25 pack) for $10.00 to last another 2 years. Every bit of stress...
  6. Swatch library

    Tried a reinstall?
  7. Printer Down!

    Have you tried taking it out, cleaning it, flipping it from top to bottom and reinstalling? Maybe a temporary fix until you get a new one. Good luck and hope you find what you need.
  8. Serious cutting issues with Graphtec!

    I have a client running into the same issue when cutting Convex 6mil matte vinyl that has been laminated with a 12mil ProShield laminate. From what I see, the media between the pinch rollers bows up as it feeds forwards and backwards, and contacting the cut blade, therefore causing a fine...
  9. Strokes in Flexi

    Convert the stroke to outlines and then move to back.
  10. SP300V Service Mode?

    Good luck in your search. My bad for offering to give it to you via PM, while I still have not been PM'd. If you are not happy with the service call performed, call them back or call Roland and complain. Electrical adjustments can be made in regular user mode for print and cut alignments...
  11. SP300V Service Mode?

    I misread a bit and should have stated that 'bellarolli' was close but not accurate. My bad. Getting the answer you need is important but I believe getting it from the dealer he purchased the machine from should be his first channel. If they do not give it to him, maybe there is a reason, or...
  12. SP300V Service Mode?

    As a Roland Dealer and Service Tech, I would not give out the service mode procedure unless the unit was OUT of warratny and the enduser understood first the consequences (and that I knew they knew, which you did not post). I would not like to service a machine that the end user had access to...
  13. SP300V Service Mode?

    Is your machine still under the Roland Warranty? The service mode is more than southpaw mentioned... but close. If you unit is still under warranty, call your tech and have them get into service mode and make the proper adjustments if necessary. If it is out of Roland warranty, contact your...
  14. constant pop up message about windows errors

    Virus may have been removed but start up script still being searched for during boot.... try this: use regedit and hit f3 search for system32.exe If regedit finds it, edit it, erase the C:\WINDOWS\System32.System32.exe part and that might fix it. Reboot.
  15. carriage disconnect error on 540v

    heard of, 'Carriage Bushings' on an Encad but not on a Roland... Most of my experiences with the Carriage Disconnect issue involved one of several things. 1 - May need to loosen the screw holding the cut head to the guide wire and move its location by a quarter to half inch and re-tighten...
  16. Flexi 8

    I received information from a european dealer that has been beta testing the Mac version of 8... He knew of the release information a while back... Another surprise, he has Flexi 7.7v2 Mac... had no idea it existed.
  17. Flexi 8

    More details should be available within the next few hours... Hoping to contact a peer at the ISA show for more details.
  18. Trouble cutting Electrocut film

    What model of Graphtec is it? The new FC7000 series has a margin that will allow you to cut outside of the pinch rollers by X amount.
  19. new machine is driving me crazy

    Put a peice of vinyl over the rear sensor or disable all sensors on the unit. Contact Graphtec support before disabling all sensors. The FC7000 series cutter is a work in progress [in my own opinion]
  20. Roland camm 24 (cutter) not cutting well

    You might try contacting Tri-Tech in Lawrenceville, Ga... The owner was a service tech for Roland for several years. 770-577-2425 Email: