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  1. So it's been a while...Economy check?

    Very busy in Norcal.
  2. List of Websites with Used Equipment or Classifieds

    Im looking for a used laser cutter and contacted: Laser Resale - They were very helpful. Still looking!
  3. What bit to use for stainless steel...

    Third Party all the way. We send out all of our Stainless work and mark it up. We've tried to drill/cut/engrave and have found its better to have someone who has a stainless shop do the work. Also, make sure they won't use the same equipment as they use for steel. The particulate matter fuses on...
  4. Hi, a pleasure to be a member, thanks for having me

    Hi there! From NorCal.
  5. hello

    Welcome from NorCal!
  6. Greetings

    Greetings from Nor Cal.
  7. Hello from England

    Welcome from San Jose, CA.
  8. Fellers 2010 magazine

    Fellers provides us with great pricing, great service and has earned my loyalty. We have a rep that stops by every six weeks or so. Good guy with lots of local knowledge. I have never seen my local supplier stop by to say hello. I tell my guys that if we have to order locally it's a failure to...
  9. Long intro, but it needs to be.

    A&P, Best wishes from NorCal! Remember to choose your customers. Identify who is buying signs on an ongoing basis in your area and provide them with great service. Make some money. g
  10. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas! Here's to a better 2010! g
  11. It's official...NO Christmas cards this year.

    E-cards are Spam E-cards are the lowest and most insincere form of greeting. Its amazing how many ecards I received from vendors that I dont even do business with. "Let me take this opportunity to thank you for never using us...maybe by sending this insincere card, you will choose to do...
  12. Bullet Resistant Sign material???

    Snipe hunting while holding a left handed smoke shifter.
  13. Hi From Portugal

    Welcome from San Jose, CA.
  14. Dealing with a client that doesn't pay. What to do???

    Put up some reflective vinyl on the window above the door that says "This Company Doesnt Pay Their Bills" Do it every few weeks. They will get tired of picking off the reflective. g
  15. Quickbooks Question...Do you use it?

    Wow Jiarby. Sounds awesome. I hired someone to set everything up for us and they put us on the "Contractor" version. In a sense we often have split billings and bill as we install a project but overall not really optimal for our business. We have to choose whether we are billing for some portion...
  16. Quickbooks Question...Do you use it?

    Hi there. I have quickbooks in place to track estimates/WIP/Invoices. Couple of questions: Do you use it? What version? (contractor vs. manufacturing) Did you customize? Do you use 3rd party vendors to extend capabilities. Thanks for your help. :thumb: g
  17. to incognito....

    Buche=Pig's esophagus Sesos=Cow brains Tripas=Cow intestine Delicious nasty bits. Mexican Offal. Yum.
  18. What would you do in this situation?

    Bad customer. Raise their prices. Half will still do busines with you even after you jack them.
  19. Is this a good price?

    HP 5500s still go for $4k sounds like a good deal. Maybe too good. g
  20. Favorite Quote from a Customer Today

    Q:Can you quote a window decal sign vinyl sign for me? I have a price from fast signs and I need two more for my boss. A: Really? What did fast signs quote for the project? Because they are usually the lowest price around here. :-) Turns out the client was shopping a $100 quote! Sheesh.