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  1. LOL.. what did I just get myself into

    Shoot man you got it made. I had to design, fabricate and teach my self how to do it. I had the first 4 color, 4 platen t-shirt printer, north of NYC, back in the late 60's. Lot's of fun, money, etc. Besides I had the last laugh, when my buddies in the area sign shops, started coming to me to...
  2. outstanding invoices

    I used to have problems with some customers wanting to take 60 days to pay a bill less than $50. I put a sign up in my shop, that read "Prompt payment , insures Good credit". Another read "Cash Makes No Enemies, Let's be Friends!" They got the drift. Now most of my work is paid before I get the...
  3. Neon Sign Parts (grid)

    neon sign grid Now we are getting somewhere. You can measure the width and thickness of the metal bars, go to your local metal supplier and purchase what you need to do an original type of restoration. This metal can be bent in a vice with the aid of a good hammer, some time and energy. Have...
  4. Neon Sign Parts (grid)

    Terminology One thing I learned a long time ago, is this; there are different terms used for the same thing in different parts of the country. Some times you need to ask what the object is used for to give a good answer. Above all, keep an open mind and don't criticize some one because of their...
  5. In need of some beginner tips

    In need of beginner tips Good advice from everyone, as far as I am concerned, having been in the business for over 53 years, and still loving it. I use a product called 3 in one oil for my brushes, seems to work the best for me. Mice love lard oil, will chew your brushes to bits. Motor oil just...
  6. is there a decent gold leaf paint available????

    Gold leaf paint Several years ago, I used Matthews 2 part gold leaf paint, clear coated. Lasted several years, the customer loved it. I would use it again in a heart beat.
  7. Solid Wood Monument

    Let's hope that the shrubbery stays short. It would be a shame to have it grow and hide that beautiful sign. Really nice job from start to finish, one to be proud of, for sure!
  8. LEd Border

    Ah, for the good old days, when you just called your neon guy and he got it right the first time!
  9. Air dry white

    Where or who makes an opaque air dry white textile ink for dark colored t-shirts? Any help appreciated, thanks you.
  10. Where to learn?

    Best way to learn if possible, is to work at a shop that does what you want to learn to do. When you feel confident enough, you go it alone. Good Luck!
  11. looking for specific electrodes

    I think you are looking for dumet lead electrodes, but not sure. The newer ones have stranded nickle leads, which last much longer. It's the customers call one this one.
  12. N

    Marlene, I will be at Modern Neon in Plattsburgh the first week in August. Phone numbers are...

    Marlene, I will be at Modern Neon in Plattsburgh the first week in August. Phone numbers are the same. Got anything neon or otherwise going, give me a call, peace, Don
  13. Which way is up?

    All the ideas listed are good, one other clue, the bottom will be the dirtiest inside , and in the face channel.
  14. Stumped

    You may have a problem with high voltage wire going through metal conduit. The insulation on the wire will deteriorate, due to the corona effect. This will cause the insulation to break down and create mini short circuits, to the conduit. If you have pyrex neon housings, you need to check for...
  15. Suggestions Please

    Try removing the neon units in question and see if you can find the mercury in the unit. Move the mercury to the electrode nearest the dark area and hook it to a spare transformer for a few minutes to see if that solves your problem. I have done this several times on existing units with good...
  16. Neon

    I just happen to own ABCO Wholesale Neon in western NC. 336.352.3284. Call me.
  17. Flex neon

    Low voltage transformers operate on 12 volts, dc current. This is obtained with a converter, that converts 110 volts down to 12 volts, dc. They have been available for several years and commonly used in neon sculptures, neon clocks and other related neon art objects. Available from your neon...
  18. Flex neon

    Neon, properly bent, pumped and installed with low voltage transformers will outlast, outperform LED's, for less money. Nuff said!
  19. 26 ways to tell you're GROWN UP!!!

    26 ways to tell you're grown up I know I must be grown up.The pencil sharpener and 24" photo trimmer that I bought new, are now antiques.
  20. N

    Marlene, I hope to be in Plattsburgh next monday at Modern Neon . My cell is 336-755-9879. The...

    Marlene, I hope to be in Plattsburgh next monday at Modern Neon . My cell is 336-755-9879. The number at Modern is 518-563-5500. Hope to hear from you. Don