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  1. Anyone put grommets in Acrylic signs?

    Perhaps a Cam-loc set up stud & retainer in through hole bonded the receptacle instead of more drilling : (
  2. eCommerce Website

    I have been looking at Shopify to build out. Any thoughts?
  3. Question pricing

    Hello.... I use the Sign Craft magazine pricing tool to get a gut check. Key is to know your overhead. Down to the cost of Xacto blades - all consumables with true landed costs. Its a hassle to set up but doing a monthly review takes a minute and if you don't use a Quickbooks you can make a...
  4. Need Help Font ID assistance

    Welp maybe this will work :
  5. Need Help Font ID assistance

    Hi Folks. Been looking for a while for the STAR here. I suppose I could modify something but it has been a quest. Find Font that came with my Omega 6.5 struck out and I have a zillion on CDs that I could search but perhaps you recognize? USA 1960s era . Thanks for looking
  6. Need Help *** SOLVED ***Omega 6.5 will not output to HS15Plus

    First the great news : Solved ! Secondly : All thanks to you folks and a good nights sleep. Third : Link to the errors and relates images to help the next person : Fourth : In case Google changes image storage some day : Install drives via Device...
  7. Need Help *** SOLVED ***Omega 6.5 will not output to HS15Plus

    Hi Fred, No I does't seem to be in the bottom task bar - I think that is where to look? Also I started to re read the pdf that came with the USB-TO-SERIAL Conversion Kit (2010) P83305A that Denco sold me ... there is only mention of GS plotters, and when I searched the PDF for "HS" I got nothing
  8. Need Help *** SOLVED ***Omega 6.5 will not output to HS15Plus

    Sorry to bother again. New Omega 6.5 Windows 10. Gerber specific USB adapters for LPT to Edge and COM for HS15 Plus. Did a simple lay out and printed just fine Can not get the cutter to cut! Tried Test Cut Tried some random shapes Played install re install on and off and etc & nothing. Any...
  9. Need Help Gerber Omega 6.5 Win 10x USB to Graphtec FC4100-75

    Hi all Last Win XP Hard Drive died. I just upgraded to Omega 6.5 and the Gerber USB - LPT & USB - RS232. I wanted to start the testing with my Graphtec Fc4100-75 30" but cannot get a Win 10 driver to work. Tried Original CD drivers form the stone age. Everything suggested here ...
  10. Trick to getting vinyl to stick to Polyethylene plastic...big plastic tanks

    Look at Convex vinyl I have had the same issue with shifter Kart sidepods and white or clear convex worked well with the edge 2
  11. Edge having electrical issues?

    *** Worked GREAT **** Very simple process and we are back in business. Thanks so much
  12. Edge having electrical issues?

    Thanks I'll give it a wack and share update - appreciate the assist.
  13. Edge having electrical issues?

    Good afternoon, Edge "fading out" electrically. PowerSupply replaced and general serviced less than 10 print hours ago. Video Thoughts?
  14. Question Gerber Edge & HS 15 plus - C and P with Corel?

    Hi Returning to making stuff part time. I have Omega 2.0 Edge 2 HS15+ and seem to spend a lot of time fighting client supplied .AI files that are too new to import. I have Corel Graphics Suite 12 and thought that I could upgrade to the latest for a lot less ($159.00) than Adobe CS 2 (...
  15. My Gerber Edge LE is in a beeping mood lately

    Beep beep beep M LE sits a lot now. When I do fire up there I occasionally have issues. Today I have the prints two of four colors then the advance motor keeps spinning and the control panel is blank. Wasted material of course but also a 90 minute session of open close un plug restart beep...
  16. Carbon fiber for the hood

    Avery looks okay BUT consider a proper Carbon hood - depends on the car but usually they are pretty reasonable. If its a weird car contact me and I can assist wit a Carbon/fiberglass hood at a decent price
  17. Font hunt

    Right now I am searching for a font to match the Santa Fe RR front from the 1940's My bro is giving me a sign truck and I am thinking that its ready for a Skeezix logo in the same style as the Santa Fe Railway logo<!-- m --> ... directlink<!-- m --> Any...
  18. Dot Pattern with EDGE

    can't seem to open but really want to
  19. SummaDC4 and Gerber Omega Software

    Thanks Fred
  20. SummaDC4 and Gerber Omega Software

    Thanks Tony and all I'll do more research...