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  1. Flexi outline issues

    Oh, jeez. Never mind, I had the "keep original" box unchecked. Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me so tupid!!
  2. Flexi outline issues

    Hi everybody, I am having an issue with Flexi 10. When I go to create an outline/inline around an object, the object to be outlined disappears, leaving behind the outline. The original object is still present in the Design Editor, but isn't visible on the screen. Any ideas? Scott
  3. Fish Art Files

    Awesome! Thanks guys!
  4. Fish Art Files

    Does anyone have a source for high resolution fish images similar to the attached files? I'm looking for a Pike and a Walleye.
  5. Sign Blanks

    No, I haven't. Glantz in Milwaukee would be my supplier. I'll give them a buzz.
  6. Sign Blanks

    Hey all, I was just wondering if anybody could suggest a source for aluminum sign blanks. I have a snowmobile club requesting (25) 12x12 stop signs, (350) 6x6 diamonds, and (50) 9x9 directional arrows. I'm looking for an online source of blanks and haven't had any luck. I'm going to outsource...
  7. Adobe filters for Flexi 10.5

    OK, how do you get the Adobe filters to work in Flexi then. Does Photoshop have to be installed as 32 bit? Please excuse my ignorance.
  8. Adobe filters for Flexi 10.5

    Hello, Maybe this has been beat to death, but if it has, I couldn't find an answer. I am running Flexi 10.5 on a Win 7 computer. I have Photoshop CS6 64 bit installed. Can Flexi use the adobe filters from a 64bit PS install? If not, is there a way to install 32bit filters into Flexi?
  9. Font ID

    Thanks guys.
  10. Font ID

    Could someone id this awful font?
  11. Anybody get something cool for Christmas? Non sign related!?

    A wife got me a suitcase. Is she trying to tell me something? :omg:
  12. Font ID please

    Kick ***! Thanks, my friend.
  13. Font ID please

    What are these fonts? Thanks.
  14. Font ID please?

    I need to duplicate my customers window sticker. I need help with the font? I'd like to spruce it up a bit too, but, oh well.
  15. Font ID please?

    Yup, those I knew. Its the other fonts I need ID'd.
  16. Font ID please?

    Anybody have a clue to the fonts shown here? I just need to know the "Baudhuin's" and "Bow-Acre Farms" font. And, I need to make it perfectly clear that I DID NOT make this sign. It is GOD AWFUL and embarrassing!!! What a bunch of random garbage.
  17. Font ID

    AWESOME! Thank you very much!!
  18. Font ID

    This is probably a simple one, but I can't ID it. Help?
  19. Font ID help

    Perfect, thanks.
  20. Font ID help

    Would anybody have a clue what font "Buhr Construction" is? Thanks, Scott