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  1. help with this font please

    Fred can usually find a font's ID. But at first glance, I'd say it's probably been customized for this logo. I'd try matching the non-curly-cue letters, and then see if the curly-letters can be easily made from the base font. (but it is possible it is a mix of fonts or even a real genuine font).
  2. When Software Piracy Reaches Saturation

    I'm amazed at how easily people pirate CDs, DVDs, and software when they wouldn't dream of stealing other things. I find that so odd.
  3. cutter equal to bobcat

    Scubadog, I assume you mean the Desay cuts weren't as clean as the Summa's, right? Ckeller, You may wish to purchase the Roland CX-24...I've got a Roland CX-300...and I like it but it's pretty big for my room...and I don't need it to go 60cm/s or whatever....15cm/s is FINE! The CX-24 is...
  4. 1st Annual Signs 101 T-Shirt Design Contest

    I like the dancing grannies. And some time ago you did a gif of a cat looking through the screen (like I had a hole in my monitory) and blinking. That was pretty neat. Where do you get all these gifs at, Fred?
  5. 1st Annual Signs 101 T-Shirt Design Contest

    Pretty creative there Tracy! Welcome aboard.
  6. Southbound...Hello

    HI Anthony. Welcome Aboard.
  7. Hey'd I miss this place??

    Hi Barry! Signs101 is great! And your work is tremendous. Welcome aboard! --William (Bass)
  8. NEWBIE... just bought Corel Draw 12

    Corel can cut directly to the plotter IF you have a Roland plotter. I think you need a bridge program for other cutters. Corel's contour tool is what you'll need if you wish to output outlines to a plotter. The outline tool is for printed materials (wether professionally printed or printed...
  9. Problem with Corel Photo-Paint

    Chris, I don't have a clue as to what the problem/solution could be, but I am curious as to whether you figured out what was wrong and how or if you fixed it. --William
  10. What's Most Important?

    I cannot even vote on this's too hard of a choice! I love Signs101.
  11. Font Making

    I don't have the 2" Film strips, of course. What I do have is a page out of an old FORMATT book, which I scanned and vectorized (which due to the small size of the letters on the page, really means I just used the scanned image as a template to trace over.) The other fonts would present no...
  12. 1st Annual Signs 101 T-Shirt Design Contest

    Plain-N-Simple Maybe? Here's a try...
  13. T-Shirt Design Contest Time to Vote for a Winner

    Plain-N-Simple Maybe? Here's a try...
  14. Font Making

    Hi all, I've got some ideas for letterstyles that I'd love to make into computer fonts. One is from an old FORMATT book (they used to sell press-on letters or something to the sign industry, I think). It's a highly unusual font that used to get used more often before the computer age, and...
  15. Envelope Node Handles???

    Stevo and Jimdes, Thanks for the replies guys. Today, after reading your posts I booted up Corel and did an envelope... ...and my node handles are back (whew!) BTW, I WAS using the unconstrained mode (that's what was so puzzling), and the envelope starts off with only 8 nodes and I...
  16. Envelope Node Handles???

    Where'd they go? I used to be able to manipulate the node handles on my envelope curves. Now I've got nodes, but I never see the handles any more, which makes it rather difficult to achieve desired results. Anybody else encounter this? Know what I'm doing wrong? or What I need to do to fix...
  17. Awesome Site

    That is very neat. Good work! You make me wish I had an rc heli! Of course, I don't think it'd last long in my hands...heh. --William.
  18. Wow, What a Cool WebSite! ~I'm NEW at This!

    Hi from Northwest Florida. Don't be afraid to ask software or plotter questions you might have (there are forums for various software packages and plotters, here, as you're probably already aware). Good Luck. --William
  19. Hello from NH!

    Hi from the SOUTHeast--Northwest Florida, that is! --William
  20. hey from eugene OR

    Hey from Florida. Glass-blowing, eh? Very cool. (I try not to call custom-cut vinyl graphics "stickers", btw--sounds too cheap--just my 2 cents!) Have fun here and good luck. --William