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  1. Roland SP300 (Contour Cut) Issue

    Since the image is not completely cut, check the EPS Margin setting. The default is "0", which can cause the incomplete cut you are describing. In the Versaworks window, top menu bar, select Edit, Queue A Settings, go down and click on File Format & look at the EPS Margin setting at the top...
  2. Major Flaw In Daige Quickmount 4????

    Request the kit'll need it on 30" rolls of laminate, or as the 54" rolls get low on the roll.
  3. need a printer

    Don't forget the laminator...
  4. Importing CAD Drawings into Flexisign

    If the original designs were created in Autocad, you can open the file with Autocad and combine the line segments into a closed polyline with "0" line width. Then, export as DXF, import into Flexi, and most should come in grouped correctly. Some may require a few tweaks, but this is how I do...
  5. Need a font I.D.

  6. Need a font I.D.

    Anyone know this one? (from a Hello Gorgeous salon logo) What the font shows "Portia" as a close match, but need something thicker.
  7. Versaworks reinstall

    Check the "Print Quality" setting in your media profile. It's prabably changed to "High".
  8. Another Font ID Please

    Basic Sans Heavy is close..."t" doesn't have the slant at the top, though.
  9. New Member in Arlington, TX

    Welcome to the forum, neighbor.
  10. Abandoning Roland.

    Left mine from Monday of last week to issues. Just do a maintenance cleaning before you leave and you are good to go. Also, what was said about about leaving the main power switch "On" so it cycles the print heads.
  11. Pricing in Hard Times

    So, come January 1st, when suppliers "adjust" material pricing, you keep your pricing the same?
  12. Text Distort In Flexi 8.5

    The Distort you want is "Arc-top"...apply it and right below the image in the DesignCentral dialog you can mirror the effect to be top or bottom.
  13. Inkjet colors bleeding together on 300sp!!

    If you can get into service mode, I'd also take a look at the shot count on the heads...replacement is recommended at 6-billion. 2-1/2 yrs, you may be close. On the captops, there is a sponge at the bottom to help wick the ink down into the drain tube. Sometimes the sponge can swell up and...
  14. Inkjet colors bleeding together on 300sp!!

    When was the last time you replaced the captops? Wipers? The cross contamination points to the captops, the misalignment could be partly from dirty wipers.
  15. A Good Font Collection?

    Ditto on addition to anyone's collection and a great set if your just starting out.
  16. Can anyone share Versaworks profile?

    Roland profiles here:
  17. Eco-sol Max - Need Ink!

    Got it! I'd like to send a BIG thanks out to Terry at Custom Signs for the help. And JD, thanks for the tip.
  18. Eco-sol Max - Need Ink!

    Sorry to post here, but I'm in the middle of a large print run and showing low on Magenta. (I normally keep a full set on hand, but like a dumbass, I put it off) If you have a Roland 220 or 440 Magenta cart and are in the DFW area, please call: 817-368-2612 Thanks...Kenny
  19. SP 540V PRINT/cut issues

    How old is your printer? I had the same type of problem with wide media, and found it was the springs in the outer pinch wheel assemblies (I had replaced the rollers first) Here's a link to the post I made: