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  1. lynx 24"quit working

    One of your pinch rollers is too far out. Readjust them in slightly. I had this happen once as well.
  2. Does Anyone Have A Lynx?

    I'm with you. Anytime someone talks about the more economical equipment, the old coot trashes them, their equipment, and the thread.
  3. Font ID please?

    This guy needs a new sign. Probably a few years ago. Can anyone help with the font for the business name? Thanks.
  4. Does Anyone Have A Lynx?

    My Lynx has been working almost daily for 20 months. It has paid for itself many many times over, and has never failed. Well, it doesn't track worth sh%&, but hey, that's what I paid for.
  5. Lynx 24 Problem..HELP!!!!!!

    I've had my Lynx for just over a year and it never has tracked well. 12' is about my limit and that's with the rollers in far enough to give me 22" cuttable. I always have to prefeed. I just see it as "I got what I paid for."
  6. ValueJet Waste Fluid Box

  7. lxi on new computer problem

    Haven't tried the parallel cable - but I don't think polling works using a parallel cable anyway. The old (and still) sign computer is using XP SP2. I'll have some time this weekend to dig through my useless box of old computer cables and parts to see if I have another serial cable. I suppose...
  8. lxi on new computer problem

    New computer is running Media Center and will go to Vista soon. I will see if I have another serial cable, if not, I'll buy another one and check that. Thanks for your help.
  9. lxi on new computer problem

    It's the same serial cable I've been using. But I will leave that as an option to try. Don't think I have an extra one of them lying around though.
  10. lxi on new computer problem

    I have put together a new computer and am having an odd issue with LXI Master Plus connecting with my plotter (Lynx-24). It will cut fine, but it won't "poll" the plotter for the cuttable material width. The Lynx plotter is a low end plotter and doesn't have any type of display or screen on...
  11. What AntiVirus Software Do You Use ? ? ?

    I was mistaken originally as well. Ther IS still a free version available.
  12. Do You Accept Credit Cards?

    Yes, with PayPal's Virtual Terminal for $20/month. Yes, percentage fees are higher than a typical merchant account, but no contract, no equipment, cancel anytime, appears only as "MY BUSINESS NAME" on their credit card statement. My favorite feature, money is immediately available in my PayPal...
  13. Whos makes the best Laptops??

    I would say the best laptop is the one Walmart/Circuit City/Best Buy is hopefully selling the day after Thanksgiving! Just get there early! I am in need of a newer one, and as soon as the ads come out, I'll make my decision. Of course these laptops aren't top of the line, but for the money...
  14. single line font?

    He didn't have any engraving fonts but suggested taking a thin font and clipping out the unneeded parts of each letter and that worked just fine.
  15. single line font?

    Thanks Doug. Sent an email to TheVectorDoctor for typesetting.
  16. single line font?

    I have to make some sample signs for a current customer. The lettering on the signs will be considerably condensed, but the lettering must have a 3/4" stroke (overall width of each part of the letters). Is there a font that is just a single vector points, that I can just apply a 3/4" stroke to...
  17. Trolling for Business at Signs 101

    Fred, where can we find the "forum policy?" I can't seem to locate it. With most forums, you see it during registration, and that's it. If that's the case, maybe you could paste into a post and "lock and sticky" it. Also, I just noticed in another thread where someone was asking if his...
  18. Signs101 settings

    I have it set to Linear - Oldest First When I see a thread I want to read and click on it, it loads the page and puts me at the last post, then I have to scroll to the top to start reading the messages. It doesn't take me to the first unread post, it takes me to the newest post.
  19. Signs101 settings

    I put this here because I didn't know where else to put it. When I click on a thread to read the messages, it always loads the page and then sets my browser at the last message. I then have to scroll back to the top of the page to begin reading the messages. It justs a little annoying. I've...
  20. FLEXI with Lynx S-60 & SERIAL to USB

    Couldn't you get a 25pin serial cable and attach that to your plotter, then at the other end nearer to your computer, install your adapters and converters?