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  1. T-Shirt Time

    Okay, tax day is behind us. We have something to take care of. T-Shirts!!! I have some prices to distribute for the T-Shirt contest and I have some orders to take. Let me go over all the information once again and I will post pricing on shirts as well as sending out the prizes for the...
  2. 1st Annual Signs 101 T-Shirt Design Contest

    Don't get me wrong, it looks nice, it's just we're trying to make the shirts affordable to anyone else who wants them. I don't believe there is going to be an influx of orders to the point where we could be cost effective on that many colors. That's all. ;)
  3. 1st Annual Signs 101 T-Shirt Design Contest

    How many colors is that?? :design:
  4. 1st Annual Signs 101 T-Shirt Design Contest

    I can see them fine.
  5. 1st Annual Signs 101 T-Shirt Design Contest

    Oh yeah, i guess I see that now. :glasses:
  6. 1st Annual Signs 101 T-Shirt Design Contest

    Camconcay, the problem you are having is you are directing your link of the image from another site. When you want to upload an image, instead of a quick post, go to the advanced post. Type in your message and scroll down to manage attachments. Click on that and upload your image. It will place...
  7. 1st Annual Signs 101 T-Shirt Design Contest

    You Know...... I meant to do this the other day and forgot, sorry. 2 designs, each supplied in Illustrator or jpg.
  8. 1st Annual Signs 101 T-Shirt Design Contest

    I can answer that for Fred. The design should be proportionately no more than 10" x 14" in size. Whatever the final size is, I will resize it accordingly to get the best look.
  9. Printing T-Shirt Transfers...

    That's one of the main problems I have with this type of printing. As a matter of fact, I don't do transfers for this reason. Since I got my automatic screen press, the feeling of the print is virtually gone.
  10. Printing T-Shirt Transfers...

    Hi Jen, I don't think these will ever take over the screen printing business. For example, the fastest machine out that does this will print up to 350-400 shirts per hour. This machine also costs $165,000. They also only print on light colors of shirts. I know US Screenprint is making one that...
  11. Printing T-Shirt Transfers...

    Hey Dave, I have a friend who sells the t-jet by US Screenprint. It will print full color work, 1 piece to whatever you need. It's not the fastest but they claim you can get 30 - 40 shirts per hour. This will literally dye your fabric, so there are no heavy prints. It doesn't even feel...
  12. Font Info please

    I redrew what the image you provided. What are you looking at doing?
  13. Font Info please

    Not sure either I don't have the font, but if you want a duplicate of this, I've attached the file in illustrator. Merry Christmas!
  14. Is This Legal?

    True, but what I'm saying is there is a possibility that they purchase large amounts of software licenses and that is what they are selling. The download is not the sale. Just my guess.
  15. Is This Legal?

    I purchased, by accident, a license for Adobe Pagemaker on Ebay. I thought I was purchasing the product, but when I received it, it was only the license pack. I paid $50 for this and was a little concerned if this was legit. I contacted Adobe in regards to this. They did a check on the...
  16. Novajet II - don't laugh

    Kent DeSautel helped me out tremendously when I switched over my inks and cartridges. If he doesn't carry what you need, he probably will know how to get it. 701-360-1385
  17. Importing AI & eps

    Bad File? Were you able to view the file in anything at all? If you have Illustrator, open up the file and save it in a lower format. If you do not have illustrator, send me the file and I'll see if there is anything in the file.