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  1. Font Id

    Parisian Is The Font
  2. Final Confirmation on Heat Master Purchases

    Just wondering what the price is on these? Thanks
  3. Help with FONTS please

    Staccato and freestyleScrd good luck
  4. what fonts have the whips and tails??

    Actually those parts extending above and below the baseline are called ascenders and descenders i believe
  5. MASTER Vinyl Cutter Plotter (Desay Canada)

    I'd say something is wrong...Shouldn't be very loud.
  6. font ID

    Zapfchancery is similar...
  7. need a good company to make my design into a vector format

    can you post a picture of the design so i can take a look at it?
  8. NEWBIE... just bought Corel Draw 12

    Use the contour option in Corel for your outlines...just make sure you separate the contour prior to altering the size of the design...If you don't the outlines won't change correctly with the text...convert all lines to point .001 and you will have no problems cutting out of Corel..I do it all...
  9. 1st Annual Signs 101 T-Shirt Design Contest

    Jimdes...I dig the design man..however we were confined to 3 spot colors i believe and your design would need an underbase white...for black shirts...just a thought
  10. Best Laminator for Versacamm

    Looking for opinion on the best and most affordable laminator for the sp540v Versacamm. Any help is much appreciated.
  11. How do you guys like your Versacamm?

    Thoughts, opinions,etc. on the Versacamm....anything is much appreciated
  12. Versacamm Help / Info

    I am wondering what type of material can be ran through the versacamm.. Can I use regular say 3m or FDC cast, glossy vinyl? What about intermediate vinyls? I really don't want to have to purchase special material from Roland...or is this the way to go? They say works with coated and uncoated...
  13. New Signs Shop with LOADS of ????s

    Sup from Michigan
  14. Newbie from MI

    I went to school for design and have worked in the business for the past seven years..If you have any questions i would be happy to help and the people in here are great...they rock man...
  15. Newbie from MI

    Another hey from michigan. Grady
  16. Upgrade from Corel Draw 8?

    I have versions 8, 10, 11, 12 and always seem to fall back on 8 as it seems to be the most stable and reliable of the programs.