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  1. What Is This Font?

    You know what....I found it on another computer in our lucky am I?
  2. What Is This Font?

    NOW....where can I get it for freeee?
  3. What Is This Font?

    Hey, what's this font anyone's wrinkly because it's on a t-shirt. Thanks in advance!:help:
  4. 1st Annual Signs 101 T-Shirt Design Contest

    I LOVE - LOVE - LOVE David Snider's!!!
  5. I Hate It! I Hate Ai!!!

    I can't thank you guys enough! You've all really been a big help! Now I'll see if there's not something else I can't figure out!
  6. I Hate It! I Hate Ai!!!

    Oh my goodness! SouthPaw..your my hero! You have finally answered my question!!!! Everyone else was a lot of help too, but you hit the nail on the head. You guys kept mentioning pictures though...I didn't mean that, just simple art....Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!!!
  7. I Hate It! I Hate Ai!!!

    What would be a different outputting program?
  8. I Hate It! I Hate Ai!!!

    The Cutting Master Plug-In that came with the Graphtec only outputs things you can convert to lines, such as text...what if I want to import something from Photoshop? Or a piece of clipart...what then? I think I need a different software other than AI? Am I right?
  9. I Hate It! I Hate Ai!!!

    Well, Thank you...that was very sweet and soothing...but I'm sure tears will be shed over this situation...or heads will will fly...wait...probaly tears will be shed...I'm all talk.
  10. I Hate It! I Hate Ai!!!

    Ughhh! Blech (As Bill the cat would say) !! I hate Adobe Illustrator! I love me some Photoshop but hate Illustrator...WHHHYYY? Now, on with the questions...more like a statement....Why can't they make a book explaining how to make sign graphics in AI? Don't say "buy Flexisign" or something like...
  11. Vector-izing...POW!

    Yep..It's me again...the know-nuthin' kid...I have AI and the Cutting Master Plug-In that came with the Graphtec...but it only outputs text, basically only outputs something you can convert to outlines...but what if it's not text, what then...Do I vertorize it, and how the heck do I do...
  12. AI Question...NEED HELP...GONNA DIE!

    Thanks you guys! You've been a lot of help...just used the cutter on Friday and it wasn't as God-Awful hard as I thought it would be...of couse I did a some simple cutting...just text for our back door...I can't wait to do a real job so I can post I gotta learn to --- VECTORIZE!
  13. AI Question...NEED HELP...GONNA DIE!

    Here's a question I asked Fred, which he answered...but he told me to post it and get a variety of answers so here it is... I'm a screen printer as you may remember from one of my posts...We just bought a Graphtec FC5100 30" cutter...My question is how do I get started? Say I'm doing a 4'X8'...
  14. DPI Question

    MAN OH MAN...I've got a lot to learn. I haven't used the cutter or software yet...and I'm scared. Yipe!
  15. DPI Question

    What DPI should I be working in for sign graphics? I'm using Adobe Illustrator. Does the DPI vary on each design or is the a basic in screen printing we use 200-300 DPI.