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  1. Mutoh Outdoor Jr. problems any suggestions

    Every morning i have no blue...clean clean clean...then blue is there but with traces of yellow in it. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks Stu
  2. Falcon Jr. Locking up midway through print??

    Mine did that til CalGraph came out and the voltage on the servo was set too low from the factory. He fixed it and it never happened again since.
  3. How do you...

    print a color chart on the Outdoor Jr. I did it before but I'm having a brain **** moment. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  4. Streaks in black.. Anyone know

    This is just a follow-up. I replaced the pump and hoses. Got them from The change went well. All is good. THANKS to everyone who helped! I really appreciate it.
  5. Mutoh Parts

    I just ordered a new pump and hoses for my Jr. was great. They shipped 2nd day FedEx. The only complain I have is I ordered a wiper blade at the same time, still hasn't come in. Other than that all's well.
  6. Streaks in black.. Anyone know

    Thanks so much
  7. Streaks in black.. Anyone know

    Oh and where is the best place to purchase the hoses. Or should I replace then entire pump and hoses?
  8. Streaks in black.. Anyone know

    Ok. I opened it up and found that it has a couple of busted lines. I can fix it myself I'm sure. I just need to see a diagram of where the hose are supposed to go. The ones I have busted are not going to anything. They're just laying there. Do you have to pull out the entire capping station...
  9. Streaks in black.. Anyone know

    How do you check the hoses? I am sorry I'm new to this.
  10. Streaks in black.. Anyone know

    I can't pull ink through because of an air leak that sounds like it is coming from between the head and the capping station. I am printing from Flexi
  11. Streaks in black.. Anyone know

    how to fix this. I have tried mulitple power cleanings. I have tried to pull ink through with a syringe but I hear air coming in between the head and the damper. Anyone know what to do. Maybe a new damper. Thanks
  12. "Check Waste Ink"

    Hey I think that worked. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  13. "Check Waste Ink"

    Can someone please tell me why I keep getting this message? I have cleaned everything I can think of. Is there a part that needs changing? Just picking ya'lls brains. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Stu
  14. Anyone know where I can get...

    The Skeeter Bass Boat Logo. The old one. Any help is appreciated.
  15. Where can I find...

    The official Dixie Youth Baseball logo? I have looked and just can't seem to find it. I have a few banners to do for local teams...And I just can't seem to locate it. Any thoughts?
  16. I feel stupid asking this but...

    I have a design done in photoshop that I need to contour cut in flexi and I can't figure out how to make a perfect marquee around the design. I hate to ask such a stupid question...but I am having one of those days. I have done this before many times. I don't know what is wrong with me...
  17. SIGNWarehouse is our newest Merchant Member

    Welcome from Louisiana...I have a Mutoh and a Graphtec that I got with SignWarehouse. I love em'. Welcome again.
  18. 82% Done And Didn't Finish

    Had the same thing many times...voltage set to low on the servo motor.
  19. Hi from Shreveport, LA

    Welcome from "South" Louisiana