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  1. Looking for someone to Print and cut to clear WALL vinyl up to 6 feet wide wholesale

    I have a job that needs to be printed on clear wall vinyl. I need to be able to apply it to interior painted walls. I do not have the ability to print white so I am looking for someone who can. Some of the graphics need to be in the neighborhood of 16' X 7' so they are pretty big prints. They...
  2. "Fathead" material Choices

    Hello all, It has been a while. I have a question or two about my choices for materials to use for a semi-gloss painted interior wall for an upcoming project. Now I have done these in the past with mostly good and one bad outcome. I have always used 3M (???) or oracal (orajet 3268m) version of...
  3. material your using to print on for a store front window - not perf - long term???

    What is the material you are using? Manufacturer and number! Thanks!
  4. material your using to print on for a store front window - not perf - long term???

    Just wondering what materials you are using to print full coverage for long term store front windows? Perminant adhesive vs. removable. I want a cast film. Thanks! G-R-D
  5. J-channel supplier.

    Not exactly what i am looking for! looking for a "j" channel so I can make it a s tall as i wish. Anyone else???
  6. J-channel supplier.

    I am looking at making something similar to this sign. It is a signicade with coro faces and has a one line changable sintra panel that changes from time to time. The one pictured is a top rail and bottom rail J-channel two sided taped to the coro. I am not sure where to get the channel. I...
  7. Where to buy "Marker Acct" a Gerber Font

    Yeah I saw that jhill
  8. Where to buy "Marker Acct" a Gerber Font

    I am trying to find a place to buy this font. It is Marker Acct. I is a Gerber Font and I can not find a place to buy. Anyone know where to find it. I tried all the normal places (myFonts etc.) The link is to an example of the font but can not purchase it here...
  9. Store front glass

    I have a storefront window that I am only covering the outer edges (1 to 2 feet) of. So I do not need view-thru vinyl. This is long term so I want a cast material with a preminant adhesive. My biggest concern is what it will look like fron the inside a patrons are sitting a few feet from the...
  10. **++** Painting Polycarbonate Anyone?

    yes, gonna peal letters off to reveal the message for backlit.
  11. **++** Painting Polycarbonate Anyone?

    I do not do a whole lot of paint work but I need to paint a few polycarbonate panels. Is there a primer to use or a process to make this happen and not flake right off? If so, what is it and where do I get it. Also what would the proper paint be. The color I need is Duronotic bronze. Any help or...
  12. 3M problem or install problem.

    I'm not looking for fault, I just don't want to lose the customer or have to redo the job a 3rd time. Thanks
  13. 3M problem or install problem.

    Thanks for the posts so far. As far as clien abuse, I am 100% shure it was not that as these things were inside when I did these decals and lots of other things to the tankers and tractors. I spend a lot of time at this place. Most were inside for two weeks after they were lettered and then...
  14. 3M problem or install problem.

    Yeah, some (4) went from printer to laminator I know for sure. I did give that a thought. Not sure all did though. Would that have an effect on adhesion to the tanker or just laminate to print and why is it only happening on the high side not all the way around?
  15. Which one?

    Middle here as well.
  16. 3M problem or install problem.

    I installed these 36" decals a few months ago. Within a month they were peeling off the tankers. They were applied to brand new polished aluminum fuel tankers. I did them indoors and as always used denatured alcohol to prep the surface followed by a isopropyl alcohol wipe down. The material used...
  17. I just need a cow (holstein)

    Does it need to be facing forward and can it be a raster image?
  18. New from Portland, Oregon

    welcome to the fourm:popcorn: Enjoy!
  19. Hello From Corpus Christi!

    Welcome from IL!