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  1. FONT ID Please

    alphdog is real real real close... but not it... maybe just a 2 real close lol
  2. FONT ID Please

    Contour, either doesn't matter. I'll make it work ;)
  3. FONT ID Please

  4. FONT ID Please

    Can someone identify this font? If so, where to buy it or download it. Thank you so much.
  5. Font ID Please

    Can someone help ID these numbers please. Your help will be greatly appreciated. I have nothing close and What the Font? was not much help. Thank you in advance for your time. -Tek
  6. Ilustrator files to LXi Vinyl Express

    Jon, I'm using Illustrator 10. When i save a ai file I save it as Illustrator 7 (save option) and then fire up LXi and open it as any file. Works perfect.
  7. TekCorps

    Comment by 'TekCorps' in media 'taylor.jpg'

    jbennett, what is the font you used for the #1? Great job on all the racecars!
  8. help!

    Font Manager/Viewer I use this freeware. Try it! I like this because you can look at and or install fonts from ANY folder on your system.
  9. Font Help Please

    Agreed, Fred. Myself a newbie, I always look at the "font help" posts so I to can learn different fonts. You guys amaze me how you know most of them posted!
  10. panther or bobcat... experiences??

    I too have quit buying from SW, due to damamged products received, wrong orders, missing items in orders, double billings, horrible customer service. Too bad, so sad... I too bought a 24" Panther from them. Back to topic, sorry. I like the Panther. Nice machine for the value.
  11. Font Help Please

    Can anyone identify this font used for "Beavers" or something real close. If so, where I can get it. Your help will be greatly appreciated. :thankyou: -Mark