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  1. Roland SP Versacamm Catch Baskets

    Bryan and Replicator, my name is Chris and I am the one that makes the Media Baskets that Byran was inquiring about. For him to say I am not a business is wrong I have been in the sign industry for almost 10 years just because I don't have a website or take credit cards I am not? before you...
  2. new and need help with printer

    PC600 is not a good choice at all! I guess we can only give this guy are thoughts let him roll with what he is set on doing! I offered him a great deal on a edge and plotter that is in great shape and no dead pixels and he is set on a pc600 which well in one word they are just junk! Chris
  3. new and need help with printer

    Thanks Chris to help the guy out I am going to sell it lower to help a guy out! I just emailed him everything! Chris
  4. Speed up Firefox.......

    Thanks That worked Great! So much faster! Chris
  5. Roland VP-540

    We were allotted two one is are demo and the other is already sold! The two we get will ship after the show(ISA) Should be at are door The 23 of this Month! They are going to be hard to get after that. Chris
  6. wanting to be a wrapper but don’t know the words!

    Wait to buy you 540v until after the ISA show the new 540 v will be a 4 head machine for about the same price as a the current twohead machine! Chris
  7. SP300 Service manual

    A true Roland Service Manual you wont get your hands on unless your dealer gives you one!
  8. casmate pro allternative

    Fred should be able to help you out on this! I do believe Scanvac bought out Casmate or something to that nature! Chris
  9. Roland Ext Warranty

    Threeputt- wait till your main board goes out you will wish you had it! CW
  10. Ink Price Going Up!!!

    220 are going up $10.00 440 are going up $5.00 This is already in place as we speak! Chris
  11. FlexiPro 7.6 Using a Roland GX-24 Vinyl Cutter Need Help plotting please.

    Use the CX300 Driver it the same that should work! Chris
  12. ISA is in Orlando, Florida this year. Anyone going?

    Yea I I'm hoping me and my diaper thingy for the Rolands will be there, I guess I have a space to use and I might bring Corey and Barry with me(right Guys) Chris Would be nice to have a big gathering of 101 people and PrintingDigital people!
  13. Honest Opinions For Cold Feet!!

    Chris I think you will be happy with the 54 inch Versa Camm I have the 30 inch model as you know from talking to me before. love the Machine. Lamintor is a must. Having a clean shop is a must. dust floats settles and lands on prints. I looked at alot of machines and the Roland was the best deal...
  14. What software/clipart can you NOT live without?

    The Aurora Graphics Procraft Fills is far better than the Bergen fills and with Daves new addition the sign blanks he offers are very good also. Just thought you know what I have and use and they are good! Very Good, they work great on the VersaCamm!
  15. Mutoh Falcon Jr. Package deal

    Stay away from the daige had one three months ago had nothing but waste, $600 roll of 8519 lam and lots of wasted prints I found a Seal 400s on ebay that was barely used and got it for 3500.00 plus shipping. Daige is cheap but that is what you get cheap!!!!
  16. how to print end to end in Roland VersaCAMM SP-300

    The Versa Camm cant print the full 30 inches like other machines can! I think the most I have got out of mine is 29 inches. Other material I have used is I have printed with the Oracal 651 751 851- PLus you can get a neat effect with the etched material from Mactac and printed with that looks...
  17. Versacamm Help / Info

    Hi there I have been having great luck with the Oracal 651, 751, 851 using the generic profile #1 and if you tweak your head speed alittle you can get some good faster printing result, the guy you owns Aurora Graphics and found alot of neat little tricks to try. give him a call for more info on...
  18. Hello From CW Graphix

    Well Hi everyone names Chris I started my business 2 years ago and just upgraded to the Roland Versa CAMM SP-300 what a machine it has opened a whole new line for me. Hope to learn alot here and make friends! Chris CW Graphix