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  1. Suggestions Vinyl supplier

    That material specifically has been hard to get since covid. H&H was the one place I could find it. Also the manufacturer moved their plant recently so between raw material shortage and them moving it's been very hard to find the Fantasy Films anywhere. Briteline has a 6mil holo film now in 30"...
  2. What vinyl are you printing your stickers onto, and why?

    My go to for stickers is Briteline 2203 and their shield overlaminate. Together those are about 6.4mil which I find is a decent thickness. I go by the end use of the product for my choice of materials.
  3. Question Perforated labels

    It's just too thin without the overlam and people like the feel of it. So it's their choice and 99% go with lam. I do cut them on my Summa cutter. I put the perforations in a a flex cut except I set the full pressure to 0 so it doesn't cut through the backer and just the vinyl. I'll definitely...
  4. Need Help Die-cutting labels and stickers

    Yeah same here. Summa told me that Flex Cut cannot be used to do complex shapes.
  5. Need Help Die-cutting labels and stickers

    Great thread! I'm looking at a Graphtec FC9000 possibly. Currently I am doing an increasing number of "die cut" stickers on my SummaCut. It took a while to find a method that worked for me. I just setup two kiss cuts but run them fairly deep, just enough to break the backer. I find one just...
  6. Best Epson distributor?

    I used Grimco, but I also didn't really know any other distributors at the time. I got it at the worst time possible, when covid hit and everything was being locked down. So I got training over the phone on my equipment so I can't really speak much for in-person training from them.
  7. Need Help Newbie - Cast Overlaminate loading

    You know I never thought of that especially when I have that tail of lam left after cutting the web. I'm definitely going to try this one! And what is a coro sled? Never heard the term before, but I'm just guessing it's a rigid piece of coroplast you use for loading up new material.
  8. Efficiency and equipment upgrades

    So I think my best option would be to upgrade my laminator to a roll to roll and also upgrade my cutter to allow roll-to-roll or at least auto sheet cut-off. I'm still torn between cutters as I think a Graphtec FC9000 would be better suited for my needs as I do a lot of die cut stickers (full...
  9. Need Help Newbie - Cast Overlaminate loading

    It's not silvering. It just from my inexperience in doing this. This lam wasn't threaded on the machine I had cut it to size. It stopped because I didn't have the waste pulling off correctly and it tripped the finger guard and at one point, i was trying to get the guard down and it sucked some...
  10. Need Help Newbie - Cast Overlaminate loading

    I ended up trying this way and all went ok until I stopped my laminator cause I wasn't prepared for how much that adhesive pulled and ended up getting bubbles through it but definitely learned a bit and never using cast anything before and trying this hinging method, I was ok with screwing up...
  11. Need Help Newbie - Cast Overlaminate loading

    It's 30" x 19". I'm not even sure how to do that. A lot of these techniques are totally new to me. If I'm having this much difficulty just trying to web cast laminate I'll never get my feet into cast material and vehicle graphics.
  12. Need Help Newbie - Cast Overlaminate loading

    I've got no idea. It came with my Epson S40600 when I bought it. I did notice my take up roll wasn't even moving, so that may be a problem. The adhesive is so aggressive my old laminator can't take up the waste.
  13. Need Help Newbie - Cast Overlaminate loading

    I've tried tucking the laminate in the nip to secure it and the tape thing and making a light slit across but it's not deep enough and the backer pulls up hard and just ends up tearing and making a mess. I must be really dumb cause this is very hard to deal with and I cannot get it to work for...
  14. Need Help Newbie - Cast Overlaminate loading

    Thanks guys! Really appreciate the helpful tips. I knew it would have to be a slightly different way to load it. I'll see if I can give these a try.
  15. Need Help Newbie - Cast Overlaminate loading

    Exactly! And I probably have to have a clean waste core cause it seemed like this poly liner just slid, even though I taped it to the waste already on the core.
  16. Need Help Newbie - Cast Overlaminate loading

    Hahaha yeah I think I've got PTSD from this film. I'll try tomorrow to take a video. Basically because it's much thinner it gets all stuck to itself when I'm trying to separate the liner from the film itself and then it makes loading it straight a bit hard.
  17. Need Help Newbie - Cast Overlaminate loading

    Yes it is 3M 8518. It's just a sample roll that came with the machine. The pic isn't that laminate, I took the 3M off cause I was getting heated. So it comes off the roll on the bottom, then under the idler bar from there I usually separate the liner from the laminate and tape the liner to the...
  18. Need Help Newbie - Cast Overlaminate loading

    Total newbie to everything cast. I wanted to laminate a sample print, but I cannot get the film loaded for the life of me. It's got a poly liner which and when I try to thread like I do with calendared material it just bunches up gets wrinkled and all jacked up. There must be a trick that I...
  19. Efficiency and equipment upgrades

    There are some jobs I don't All depends on the end use, but I'd say 90% of jobs get laminated.
  20. Need Help Onyx Thrive 19 - Dropping Cut Lines

    So it looks like they just weren't showing on screen. I cut one section on the sheet and it worked fine. Just an oddity I haven't seen.