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  1. SP300V Service Mode?

    If you worry about saying something that will get you in a bind, then don't say anything. I asked a question and some people tried to answer it. Thank you to them. You didn't try to answer it, you tried to tell me why I should have the answer. And as to contacting my tech: they are the reason...
  2. SP300V Service Mode?

    Thanks for the warning, but I knew this. What I find amazing is the way some people question a persons question without providing the information they have. While others freely provide whatever infomation they may have.
  3. SP300V Service Mode?

    No, I'm not speaking of the manual cleaning mode. The service mode was used by the tech when the machine was first setup. They used it to check head and cutting alignment and made adjustments that cannot be made in any of the normal menus. Thanks
  4. SP300V Service Mode?

    Does anyone know how to get into the service mode on an SP300V?
  5. Dead Head or out of Ink?

    Thanks for all the info guys. Problem solved. It was out of ink.
  6. Dead Head or out of Ink?

    Sorry: SP-300V, more ink coming today.
  7. Dead Head or out of Ink?

    I just turned on my printer to finish printing a decal order that I started on Saturday and its not printing any magenta ink. The ink status shows about 50% remaining on all colors. When it started printing it looks like the magenta was there and then faded away over the first 3/8". Could I be...
  8. Vmp Unregistered Itself

    Yes, VMP does that. The first time it happened to me I went through the registration process using the new computer number which was displayed. A new registration number was given and everything was ok. 2 times a year I need to enter the 'other' registration number to make things right again.
  9. VMP Upgrade

    Has anyone upgraded from ver 2.5 to ver 2.7 with the key? Is the key(dongle) a USB or printer port key? Thanks