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  1. Font Help Please

    Thanks for the help, I found the free ones but they are too heavy for what I need. Oh Well. Time to try to trace a font.
  2. Font Help Please

    Is there a software package or a font package that those fonts may have come in. Not trying to be cheap but if I am going to have to spend $80 I would like to get a little more for my money.
  3. Font Help Please

    Yep, Dead on now I have to figure out what the script is.
  4. Font Help Please

    Seems like I have run into a wall.
  5. Font ID request

    Is it a Font or do I have to recreat this one?
  6. White Space Problems

    if it si a BMP or a JPG you are printing you can try this. select the image then use the make transparent tool to click on the white space.
  7. My first newbie question - speed and detail questions

    Get new vinyl and replace the blade. Set the blade depth when you replace the blade to the point that the blade just barely has it's tip showing. Then test cut. Use very little down force at first and increase it or adjust the blade so that after you weed and remove your test cut from the...
  8. A few window application questions...

    It is when you use 91% alcohol. You might have to look around but we have had good luck finding it at CVS.
  9. Help with pricing

    We use the $1 per inch rule and use 651 unless it is a company truck. Half off on second color and anything under 23" x 4" is $15. We move it around alittle though, say a customer comes in and they want single color 36" long that says MOVE IT in Speedline font. We throw in a roll of 15"...
  10. Vector Art Mega Collection #1 - Am I doing something wrong?

    For outdoors related clip art try Sign Torch, Google it. Guy does do some good outdoor art. Some not so detailed but it sure does save some time. We bought it back when he was just getting started and update it once a month. All are Vinyl Ready with great results. He has a deer sample you can...
  11. Stumped..Font ID

    Yep, the numbers are the ones I am having trouble finding. I have found them on another site but no reference as to what it is.
  12. Stumped..Font ID

    2 Days in a row I get stumped.
  13. Font ID Please

    Font Help Needed
  14. 12 Inch Vinyl?

    For simple decals I use Oracal 651. Easy to weed and is pretty cheap when you buy 24"x30' rolls. I would get a roll of white and cut, cut, and cut some more till you get the hang of it. It is cheap and works for everything. For weeding I use the wooden bubble poppers. I have about 10 of...
  15. 12 Inch Vinyl?

    You know I think she is the one who I placed my order with today.
  16. 12 Inch Vinyl?

    When I first bought my cutter I had good and bad luck on ebay buying vinyl. We bought a few rolls and had no idea what we had bought once it arrived. I even think signwarehouse dupped me once with some diamond plate vinyl. There are some great deals on eBay for smaller scraps that you...
  17. 12 Inch Vinyl?

    I am not 100% sure but today while I was at Fellers I asked them if they could cut down a 4x6 sheet of Camoclad(SP) and they could so I am guessing they are able to do what you need as well. The other idea would be to buy 24" rolls of Oracal and look on the back. There is a pretty strait line...
  18. Font ID

    Does not look like a font I have if it is one.
  19. Hello from VA & NH

    What part of VA?
  20. Dale Earnhardt Jr. car help needed.

    So lets see if I understand copyright correctly, If say I create a cool circle with a few little cool creations inside and I sell them to customers as a decal and then the shop down the road says hey I want in on some of that money and copies my work to sell. I have the right to send them a...