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  1. Little Giant ladders $169.00

    just ordered, thanks!
  2. 48"valuejet from SignWrhse- who's got one?

    I bought my Mutoh JR from SW 4 years ago, and when I'm ready for that 48", I'll go right back to SW. I've always had good support from them.
  3. Sign Warehouse Package Purchase

    Welcome from South Jersey. I have an older Mutoh Rockhopper and a Graphtec cutter, so if there's anything I can do to help, just ask.
  4. Getting started as a hobby

    I started out the same way. Decals for my own radio control cars. Moving into banners for other racers, started doing T shirts, then sublimation, then buying a large format printer, etc. Now I'm looking at retiring from my regular "day" job, and continuing this part-time. It is a lot of fun...
  5. Nor'Easter 2010 ROLL CALL //// Final decision time!

    Rick, I signed up on your online page the day you set it up, but you don't show me as registered. Count me in for at least Sat.
  6. 2010 Nor'Easter Info Thread

  7. Nor'Easter 2010 Who's In?

  8. Nor'Easter 2010 Who's In?

    I'll be there in my van camper.
  9. problems installing a refurb kit on my Mutoh

    And if you didn't power down properly, you may have blown the head fuses. A search for "head fuses" will help you out there.
  10. ** Official 2010 Nor'Easter Thread ***

    bump for the week. Only a month away. Looking forward to it.
  11. 2010 Nor'Easter Info Thread

    I'll be there. Just registered.
  12. mutoh falcon jr

    Use a volt-ohmmeter, or a test light. Make sure the power is off, and the plug disconnected. Measuring across the resistors, you should have no resistance reading. With the test light, the light should go on. If you've never used either, use Google to search for testing for open circuits.
  13. mutoh falcon jr

    before removing and replacing the fuses, at least run a simple continuity test to see if they are really blown out.
  14. Help! Recharging rockhopper 38

    There is a "Filling" option from the control panel. If you don't have a maintenance manual, PM me for one.
  15. Anyone seen this

    Give a man enough rope, and he'll hang himself. :thumb:
  16. Shortcut for cents symbol on a pc?
  17. Head Fuse

    No, it's on the main board that's located down below. It's located in a black box. You undo 3 screws from the front, then the box will drop down hinge-like. Then inside there is a cover you need an allen head wrench to unscrew 3 more screws. Remove the cover and you'll see the motherboard.
  18. Head Fuse

    Yep, two little squares less than 3/16". Labelled F1 and F2. On the motherboard, toward left side and back. I believe F2 (the one on the left) is the black head. But yes, check with a meter to see if they are blown. But first, turn off power, unplug cord, turn power switch on for 5 min...
  19. Making Stuff for a Union in NYC

    I do work for Fire and Police unions down here in South Jersey all the time; most don't even care if the items are made in the USA or not, or at least they don't ask. Bottom line: cost.
  20. zebra print wrap

    Why not just use cut vinyl for the white stripes, and leave the navy as the body color?