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  1. Flexi Compatibility

    I was just wondering if this version of Flexi is compatible with Windows 7. This is the version: Thank you!
  2. Big Squeegee

    Wow, what a response! Thanks for all the input - I do appreciate it!
  3. Big Squeegee

    I saw these on ebay. I have heard pretty good things about them and have been thinking about giving them a try. Are these a good deal? :help
  4. Graphtec CE5000-60

    I just hooked up my Vista 32 laptop to my CE5000 and it will not bring up the graphtec cutting plotter controller when I send a cut job from an application, just as I do from my xp computer. Owners manual says that it can be set to either open from the start menu (which will only allow you to do...
  5. A new career?

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  6. New Guy Here

  7. 101 company

  8. College guy and his decal business

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  9. Aloha from the Islands!

  10. Car decals - New to this

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  11. Rusty Dog Studio

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  13. equipment question

    You might want to try Ordway Sign Supply. Their link is on the bottom of this page as they are a merchant member of this site. Very honest and helpful people.
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  15. New member

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  16. Hello to everyone!

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  17. Hey from Ohio

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  18. Greetings to All

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