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  1. Font get the point across

    This post reminds me of an old guy who lived a few miles from me when I was growing up. He thought that people were messing around his buildings at night so he had a sign made that said............ NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR GUN SHOT WOUNDS AFTER DARK No one ever gor shot but the...
  2. Do You Accept Credit Cards?

    I accept Visa, MC and Discover. I purchased my card reader (Nurit) off Ebay and then contacted several local banks about rates. I told each of them that I owned my machine and was only looking at what their fee structure was. Once they had given me the information I put a spread sheet together...
  3. I'm Lost on This One

    Thanks Marlene and Fred. Just when I thought I had a handle on finding fonts this came up. Thanks Again Bob
  4. I'm Lost on This One

    Anyone have any idea what this font is? The guy who previously did the tractor closed up shop and is no where to be found and the owner wants the new lettering done exactly as this is. Thanks, Bob
  5. Windows XP 64

    A month ago I had to purchase a new computer and without thinking I got a 64 bit unit. I am running flexi without any problems but on the install it would not recognize the dongle. I called flexi and was told that there was a download to fix the dongle problem but it was not yet tested on a 64...
  6. Kemosabe In Michigan

    Welcome aboard mun. What part of Michigan you from? Bob
  7. First Vinyl Business

    Congrats and welcome on starting a new business. I started 2 years ago under similar circumstances I own a performance engine shop and had some customers asking where others were going to get their cars lettered. I thought I will buy the equipment and see what I can develop doing race cars. Well...
  8. Long time Listener First time caller ;)

    Welcome aborad Ryan. Bob
  9. New Member

    Welcome from Central Michigan. Great to have you around. Bob
  10. FlexiSign for Dummies.........

    We also bought the trainging cd's and it seems every time I go through them I pick up a tidbit of information. Flexi is so complex even with his training cd's, as you become more proficient with flexi you will pickup on info in them. Bob
  11. Wireless Network

    Thanks for all the info. This afternoon I hope to get out and see what is available at the big box electronic stores. Thanks again for the help. Bob
  12. Wireless Network

    I am looking to move some things around in the shop for a more efficient workflow. For those that have gone wireless what brand have you used and are you happy with the performance? Thanks in advance Bob :thankyou:
  13. Hello from MO.

    Welcome from Central Michigan. You will find loads of great info here along with friendly people willing to lend a hand. Bob
  14. New Guy From Central Cal.....

    Welcome from the Central Michigan area. Bob
  15. Newbie from MN and WI

    Hello from Central Michigan and love to go to that BIG mall you have...LOL Bob
  16. Checking in

    Hi Jim from the cold Central Michigan area Bob
  17. Newbie from MI

    Welcome aboard from Midland. There is a lot of expierence on this site and you will be able to get loads of info. Bob
  18. Hello From Central Michigan

    I have been in the business for almost two years and ended up diong signs on a whim. I own a performance engine shop and at a trade show where vinyl equipment was on display thought that as I am doing the engines and many of the cars need decals why not do some. I thought I would do a few cars a...