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  1. What's Most Important?

    hmm, thats a toughy...i wish you could choose more then one... im gonna go with option 1............
  2. And yet another Canadian

    lol @ "anything for money".... .if this wasnt a sign forum ..your words would be . welcome mad, you have any examples of your work..???
  3. Hello Everyone,

  4. Hello Everyone,

    lol, well George you can call me aj....innovative impressions is my company name. are the majority of the users on this site business owners and entrepreneurs..??? ... thanx for the greeting....i just finished my rough draft for my business plan... . im tired so im packin it in tonight...
  5. Old man from suffield ohio

    welcome dennis, i have no suppliers for signage boards in ohio though..srry...
  6. Hello Everyone,

    Hi, im impressed to see a help/chat forum for sign makers.. i was'nt aware they existed. Im young but ive been in the signage industry 5 years now. . :Canada 2: