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  1. Has to be an easier way??

    Thank you so much...I really appreciate it!!
  2. Has to be an easier way??

    How do I get my text to arch, specifically the "On Duty" part like that? Whenever I try "fit text to path" it just put it at the top of the circle...if that makes sense?
  3. Anyone Help?

    Wondering if anyone can help me with this font or something along the same lines?
  4. Help Needed

    Any idea what this font is? Thanks in advance
  5. Another Font ID Request

    Anyone know this one or one that is similar? Thanks.
  6. Font ID

    Awesome, thanks so much
  7. Font ID

    Hoping someone can point me in the right direction for the attached font? Thanks in advance
  8. Something Similar to this?

  9. Something Similar to this?

    Anyone know something like this one? Thanks
  10. Help Needed with this effect

    Wondering if someone could help me with how to create the effect used in "Game Time"...not really sure what it's called but I'm referring to the "chiseled" look in the word. I thought I remembered seeing something somewhere once about it being done with the Interactive Contour Tool and I've...
  11. Help Needed

    Can anyone tell me what font was used or something similar for "Sports Bar" in this logo. I'm looking for a thick script looking font like this one. Thanks
  12. Font ID help needed

    Thanks so much!!
  13. Font ID help needed

    can someone tell me what font this is? Thanks
  14. Menu Background/Templates

    Good morning, New client is looking for a new menu design for their Bar & Grill. I'm just wondering if anyone knows a good site to find textures and stuff like that to use for backgrounds? I know I can search google...but thought I would check to see if anyone here knows a good place to find...
  15. Help Please...

    Thanks Fred
  16. Help Please...

    Can't find this one? Can anyone help?
  17. Help Needed

    Thanks alot Fred
  18. Help Needed

    Anyone know what this font is? Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks
  19. Font Help

    you guys are awesome! Thanks so much!
  20. Font Help

    Can anyone tell me what font this is? I know I've seen it before but I can't seem to find it. Thanks,