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  1. Anyone know this?

  2. Illuminated sign (custom top)

    I need to find a company to build 5 signs similar to the photo. It looks like a standard sign with a custom top. Thanks.
  3. Sign Frame Similar to 4Ever Frames

    We have used 4Ever Frames for our post and rail signs for a few years now but I am having real issues with receiving a newly ordered frame. I'm having even worse issues with getting a response back from anyone within the company. Does anyone know another company that might have this type of...
  4. Clear poly faces

    OK we need to achieve a green background face. My question is has anyone used translucent vinyl on the back (toward the lighting) to cover clear poly with any success? If so, does it help to hide panel lines? Thanks Jamie
  5. Font ID

  6. contingency sponsor logos

    Just start scanning/tracing.
  7. J

    i can get you a quote...give me a call 877-743-8337

    i can get you a quote...give me a call 877-743-8337
  8. J

    HEY! Whats up John! Sorry I am never on here long enough to see a message. Email me...

    HEY! Whats up John! Sorry I am never on here long enough to see a message. Email me sometime....I'd love to hear from you.
  9. Signs 101 Business Model

    I am in
  10. Distributor Central vs. ASI, Sage, or PPAI

    with DC....Can I have a link from my sign/apparel site that says "promotional products" or is it a whole different domain?
  11. Anti-Virus Software

    We have been using Mcafee for our anti-virus but the time has come to upgrade it, but I am thinking of switching to a different brand. I have read somewhere that Mcafee uses more system resources than some others. We are looking at Panda but I thought I would get everyones take on what you...
  12. Flexi 8 (no key needed?)

    Flexi 8.5 will be dongleless from what I understand. It will use the internet to ping their servers to check authenticity.
  13. Edge cutting problems

    when cutting an image on the Edge we get the bomb site dead-on and the cut is a little off....just started and now am in a pinch for print today Jamie
  14. Font Help

    anyone know?
  15. spot color registration

    I am printing some decals where the whole is to be raspberry with gold scallops and letters as the "top layer". Can I prevent the vinyl showing through between the two colors? Thanks Jamie
  16. Exporting Question

    In Omega there are acually 3 different filter for .eps. But Fred, again, you are the man! The last one on the bottom of the list is ".eps Encapsulated Postscript" worked bautifully. Don't know how I missed it. Thanks! :U Rock: Jamie
  17. Exporting Question

    I use Inspire 1.6 as my main design tool but to produce to edge I export. Here is what I have to go through: 1. Export From Insp. to Corel 8 by using .ai 2. Export from c8 using .eps 3. then import the .eps into Omega Omega will not read .eps or .ai created by Insp. My problem is the .ai...
  18. Boys & Girls club font

    I need to find the font that is the text for Boys & Girls Club of America. I have the logo but the text isn't very clean.
  19. foils

    please list pros and new and using gerber but like the costs of the others Thanks
  20. photo printing

    thank you a lot.....i will be using an edge, which i should have mentioned earlier. I am printing what you study. Jamie