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  1. Equipment thoughts

    PMG...I have a Lawson trooper xl 8 c/ 10s automatic and their support is very helpful for me. They have always helped me correct a problem over the phone. Even converting my 3 phase Omega dryer over. Plus they are in your backyard for ease of parts and access. They all have their pros and...
  2. Enclosed Trailer Template?

    Take a pic of their trailer and overlay the graphic on it. Thats much more visual for the client. I have an auto outlines disc and the vehicles never match exactly...all junk. I measure myself, then measure again! lol
  3. Stopping in to see

    I get that all the time. "Is this how big it's gonna be?" And I say no it will be bigger, it's just to proportion of your sign. You gotta love people!
  4. where i can get chrome vinyl good quality

    Hear that???? That was the f-bomb being dropped on someones membership!
  5. where i can get chrome vinyl good quality

    That thing would be blinding on a hot summers day, causing accidents and hot chicks checking themselves out in the reflection. Haha I might just order some!
  6. S101 Forum Ads

    I had a RETAIL price request a couple of months ago just to double check my numbers. It ruffled some feathers and this is all hypocritical if you ask me, 2 cents. There is also something that happens alot here, which is when someone asks for a specialized supplier. If it is not a merchant...
  7. Madhouse on History Channel

    I was thinking the same thing. Dr. Drew's new rehab prospect. There's going to be a dirt modified version airing soon on Discovery called Heartland Thunder.
  8. Prints are very grainy

    Well Hello!
  9. Aluminum or Steel Sign Blanks

    At those quantities and sizes most suppliers will be fairly close in price.
  10. Beverage of choice?

    Dt. Mt. Dew(morning) Dt. Mt. Dew (lunch) Budweiser (Dinner)
  11. Join the BBB?

    With some chambers like ours we also have other community oriented committees. Scholarships and downtown development are just a couple. I believe that it benefits your business by being active in the community. People see that you care about what is going on where you do business. It is true...
  12. 18 wheeler clip art needed...

    I didn't pay much attention to the watermark other than it was there. It looked like one of Fred's to me, so I went to his site and searched tractor trailer and there she
  13. 18 wheeler clip art needed...

    You can vectorize with any design program but it obviously has a watermark. $4.95
  14. Join the BBB?

    I'm on our chamber board.And would highly recommend it, think on a local level and try to give back. I have had the BBB come see me also. I told him that if I take care of business and back up my work, I wouldn't really need them. It's justification, that's all.
  15. Koozies

    Thanks, I must clarify my previous post. I'm looking for the blanks to print myself.
  16. Koozies

    I need a good supplier of colapsible koozies with a variety of colors. Thanks :thumb:
  17. Arching A Logo

    Under Effects in the toolbar there is a distort function
  18. 30"x10' Banner price check

    I knew the answers would vary. I think I need to check my excel spreadsheet and make sure that the formula didn't get out of whack. My screen printing spreadsheet works fine but I've ran across a couple of full color prices that didn't seem to add up. Again sorry for offending.