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  1. etched glass

    Thanks Lots of good ideas I guess I will lok into the shadow vinyl. Terry :thankyou:
  2. etched glass

    Hi Guys Hi Baz I never had much to do with screen printing , I could check it out though. Hi Fred I was thinking of black halftone. I remember when I first bought an edge back it seems 12 or so years ago that my dealer NDGraphics did some kind of demo with frosted look. I will try to find...
  3. Hello from NH

    Hi Yori you are in for a great time in this business. Terry
  4. etched glass

    Hi has anyone ever done any printing on the etched glass vinyl? I am attaching a pic of a job I have to do and wondered how printing looks or how you might go about doing this job. Thanks Terry
  5. Font name please

    Thanks Thanks a lot Troy, I am sure that is it. Terry :thankyou:
  6. Font name please

    Letraset Pump Triline Thanks Geb the font is close but no cigar. Terry
  7. Font name please

    font Here is the font. Terry
  8. Font name please

    pic attached to post Hi Fred I did attach photo but it does not show only thumbnail. The font you have is close. What would the name be. Not sure why it does not show, I uploaded the file. Terry
  9. Font name please

    Hi Guys and Gals, have a sign to do and cannot find a font. I have a pic of a font that is close but no cigar. The font that I need has a better shaped "s"and the P is not so low. Any help would be appreciated. Terry
  10. Hello!

    Welcome aboard Your signs look great Lady Painter and welcome aboard. Terry
  11. Hello from PA

    Hi JIm HI Jim sounds like an interesting job. Welcome to the board. :signs101:
  12. Hi

    Hi Baz Do you do large format printing now and what is your rate. We get quite abit printed here and always looking for a good provider. I would love to get into contruction site signs like mintos. Terry
  13. New Member

    HI Welcome aboard David
  14. Hi

    Hi George and Baz I worked in Carleton Place, had a partner and shop under the name Graphic Specialties, we did most of our work from Smith Falls to Carleton Place to Stittsville and a lot of places in between. Terry
  15. Hi

    Leaf Fan Hi Del no I am not a Leaf fan I believe in a winner the Ottawa Senators. That should make me enemy number one around here today lol. Have a greeat day. Terry
  16. Hi

    Hi I have been lurking on this site for awhile now and guess I should say hi to all. I have a sign shop in Toronto Canada, have the Edge and gsplus plotter, and we use Omega 2.2. I have been in the sign business about 18 years and recently opened this shop after moving from Ottawa Ontario. I...