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  1. Need installers or wrap company in Pittsburg PA

    thanks guys Charles is working with me to get them done Thanks again for the help
  2. Need installers or wrap company in Pittsburg PA

    Hey i guys i have 30 trucks i need done that is just the back door. Print is provided will need to be done by someone local and the job pays $100 per back door. Please call me asap i need somone that has a good portfolio and knows what the hell is going on this is to big of a client to be...
  3. New Shop Truck Layout

    Jesse, i have not had one customer mention aliens everyone is thinking secret military base no Aliens nowhere Sorry no can do i haven't had time to work on it latley we have been so busy but when i get a chance i will post the new design up
  4. New Shop Truck Layout

    the logo was conveyed as a more of a military/tactical/shield I am an ex navy seal and we had numerous shields and winged logos The logo and area 51 based upon military as to why i was thinking about digital camo.i am working on it as we speak changing it around a little between the state farm...
  5. New Shop Truck Layout

    ok taking suggestions Rick i see your point Thanks for input this is the suggestion everyone has made basing on the diagonal stripe show me ideas if you may by imposing info 864-760-1600 since area51wraps is taken and camo dipping
  6. New Shop Truck Layout

    Will change and reload this afternoon Thanks
  7. New Shop Truck Layout

    camo dipping watch it and that is what we do,
  8. New Shop Truck Layout

    I know all the color crap i am looking at layout, more than anything, colors are clicks. i struggle more with my CRAP because i hate boring. i like breaking the rules on purpose that's the point!
  9. New Shop Truck Layout

    with that being said do you think the text VEHICLE WRAPS needs to be on there? I am not going for a standard corporate look this is something that will stand out going down the road and will be sitting attached to my 6x12 hallmark enclosed trailer. Camo around here is very HOT! since...
  10. New Shop Truck Layout

    I would assume that most people can read vehicle even though it is going through the handle, I have changed it up a little and darkened the camo and Changed a few things to help out a little
  11. New Shop Truck Layout

    Hey guys just playing around a little this morning with a design for the truck and trailer with new logo and website, still monkeying with trailer any suggestions good or bad let me have it Jill i know you got something, come on girl spit it out!
  12. Your website? just published it for testing not promoting it yet on our gallery we have 2 boat pictures of wraps that is not ours but i needed an image holder and used them for examples,just so everyone knows. we had a drive fail and we are trying to get our back up from our IT company...
  13. Water Transfer Printing?...anyone here doing?

    twn mainly and alsa corp i can get it from LPO but they are a pain in the ARSE if you didn't buy your tank from them .just got to work the system, read the FAQ on the website and enforce the issue and you won't have any problems. I buy from el paso powder coating also . Is anyone making there...
  14. Water Transfer Printing?...anyone here doing?

    we built our tank and bought everything we needed from the pool place and harbor freight works like a champ,i'm an e engineer and can't see spending 9000 on a water tank sorry couldn't justify it.
  15. Photoshop Overlay thread

    Hey guys I know back in the day there was a tutorial for an overlay when doing a wrap to show the customer like the BAD wrap software. It was on here i have searched the post and threads with no luck it was the one where it looked like it was actually installed not just a plain jane mock up...
  16. Water Transfer Printing?...anyone here doing?

    we have a 4x8 tank and are dipping rhinos and golf carts but something we are plying with is working on a contract with energy drinks dipping the metal canisters. we have been dipping allot of bug shields and rain guards and dashes just a little bit of everything really we find stupid stuff...
  17. * Need to find true black ink *

    for roland the darkest black you will find is 75,67,68,90 ...
  18. 3M Reflective Vinyl IJ680CR-10

    here a pic of my truck laminated and done with it at night and during the day sorry for the big pics was about 3 years ago with the business in VA I am in S.C. now Offsite pics replaced. Please observe our rules on photo posting.
  19. Looking for Installers

    Near Greenville S.c. We are in anderson s.c. covering all the upstate! 3m certified Thanks Paul Area 51 Wraps
  20. The most fun we've had with a wrap yet!!

    Nice Tristan, as always looking good