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  1. Anyone know this Fonts Name?

    Thank you! Are guys are my hero's of the day!:peace!:
  2. Anyone know this Fonts Name?

    I can't identify this handwritten font anyone know what it is? Thank in advance for your for your help.
  3. Font Help

    Anyone know this font? Thanks!
  4. How to get started?

    I may get flamed for asking this but ... I think I want to learn how to do neon. Not so much so that I can expand in to the business, but out of technical curiosity. Any tips on good places to learn about the process? How about an estimate of what it would cost to get started? Thanks!
  5. Font Id Help Please!

    Sorry, I thought I did. Here it is:
  6. Font Id Help Please!

    Can anyone help Id this font? KENNESAW I have looked and none have matched exactly. Thank You, Trish
  7. Blue Ridge

    Talk to: Kim Sutton 770-569-5454
  8. Font Help

    Can someone help identify the font for "Relief". Thanks for your help.
  9. Please help id this font.

    Need to know the Meadowdale font. Thank you so much.
  10. Font Help Please.

    I need help Identifying the top font(Bartow). Thank you for your help!
  11. Font ID?

  12. Please help ID this font.

    Thank you! You saved me soooo much time. Be blessed.
  13. Please help ID this font.

    Thank you for your help in advance. Have a blessed day.
  14. Another Font ID

    Nevermind, I found it. It's Staccato 555. What a terrible font!
  15. Another Font ID

    Anyone identify this font. I'm not even sure if is a font. Thanks!
  16. Smart Designer?

    My impression was that it was more than preset layouts. It's a package that has fonts and clipart and also plug-ins for CorelDraw. Maybe I misinterpreted or they were demoing a seperate package?
  17. Smart Designer?

    Anyone here use SmartDesigner from Digital Arts Solutions? I've seen them at a few trade shows and have always been very tempted, but haven't bought. For those who don't know, their SmartDesigner software integrates with CorelDraw and allows you to use their design templates. Their demo makes...
  18. Major CorelDRAW X3 Problem

    Have you tried searching your registry and deleting all references to Corel? This can be a dangerous thing if you don't know what you're doing, but if you're considering reinstalling Windows anyway... You'll need to uninstall any other Corel products first.
  19. Stick Figure Clipart?

    Wow! I've gotten alot of help and information on this forum over the past few months and managed to avoid participating in any of the "flame war" threads. However, I guess it was just a matter of time before I asked a question that got me flamed. I'm going to try again to make my point about...
  20. Stick Figure Clipart?

    I just thought there might be a clipart collection out there that I could buy. I wasn't asking anyone to just handover their own designs. It'd be nice if there were a large collection that the customer could browse and pick figures that match the personalities of their family members.