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  1. SP 540V PRINT/cut issues

    When loading the vinyl I try to use the two media guides on each end of the printer,there is a little space in the middle of each guide and you can see the edge of the media. If you are loading the media crooked you will see it there. I also use the big clear plastic wheels on my roll of vinyl...
  2. SP 540V PRINT/cut issues

    Is your machine cutting other jobs ok? Your Machine should cut ok if it is advancing to read the registration marks it should advance the same way when it is cutting. The only other thing I can think of is the blade offset adjustment,but that would only have to be adjusted if you are having a...
  3. is there no distortion like this?

    It took me a while to figure it out too
  4. How Many Lefties Are In The House?

    Lefty here
  5. How do I make my stick guy fat?

    My wife wanted to buy some so instead I drew and cut my own and I was able to customize them.
  6. How do I make my stick guy fat?

    try to outline the figure
  7. The "Wrap Daddy" Computer

    What is going on with this whole wrap movement by fellers. If you bought everything they recommend it would cost 50 thousand dollars or more
  8. My new monitor upgrade

    Show off!....I'm just envious
  9. UPS power?

    you will need a generator,printers require to much juice for battery backups
  10. magenta not working

    I am having a problem today with my sp540v I went to print something red and noticed it was printing yellow,I did a test print and noticed the magenta was not printing,I did a regular clean then a medium,then a powerful. Ithen opened and manually cleaned. I then did a test print and noticed a...
  11. bling effect

    Can anyone tell me what X3 is?
  12. New Guy from Mass.

    welcome from Carver Mass
  13. How to install a new fill

    Are you trying to install/ create a gradiant fill or somthing else? you can make your own gradients then save them,or you can import a texture or photo and mask yor text over it.
  14. Hello From NJ

    Welcome from Mass.
  15. Cut off after laminating

    I set my versacamm to 185 and weeding is pretty easy.that 210 is thick
  16. VersaCamm Cutting problems

    use the 12 gauge, I wish Roland would give us a service manual
  17. Describe your "Dream Shop"

    Easy answer, a printer that prints money
  18. Hello from Florida

    welcome my first plotter was a cx 24
  19. Gradient banding

    I Have been trying to print a design that was sent to me as an illustrator 10 file,I am using flexi8 to print on a versacamm and for some reason a small section of the design where there is a gradient is banding when printing.I have adjusted the gradient setting to fine but still banding.Does...
  20. mascot help

    try brands of the't that a college logo