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  1. Has It Been That Long?

    Hi Everyone! It's been so long since I visited I thought I oughtta start a thread here in the new member welcome. Business has been good. So good that I have just enough time to fall asleep for four and a half hours a night (average). I'm sure most of you know exactly what this is like. It's...
  2. New to Signs101... been in sign biz about 2 years

    Welcome to signs 101. Been out of the loop for few days, working hard. Beautiful thing. This place is amazing.
  3. I like this Place! - New here - Hello!

    :Welcome: :cool1: :Coffee:
  4. What the Font!@#%#

  5. What the Font!@#%#

    Ya'all Crack Me Up!!! Into the third and final revision now... I got the client to give up on that specific font, layed it all out nice and pretty, spliced, trimmed, over-and-underlay welded, grouped, sorted and ready to send to the cutter,... leterally 5 seconds away from sending the first...
  6. What the Font!@#%#

    Here's the picture. :Coffee: :Coffee: :Coffee:
  7. What the Font!@#%#

    This is bad... So bad I'm on the verge of telling the customer, "Please don't make me do this!" But his son made the design and this is what he wants, first on a banner and then on a sign. I'm not sure what font his son started out with here, but then he obviuosly got creative. If anyone here...
  8. Total Noobie....

    :Welcome: to:signs101: :Coffee:
  9. New to sign biz..

    :Coffee: Mornin' Kim, and welcome!
  10. First time caller...

  11. New to Signs101

    Welcome to :signs101:
  12. Charles Booth Memorial

    Charles Booth Memorial

    3-Layer Vehicle Window Vinyl
  13. Lane Booth

    Comment by 'Lane Booth' in media 'Signs 101 logo help'

    That's a very cool sign.
  14. Another newbie.

    Welcome to Signs 101. So much information! :Coffee:
  15. todays mid-day newbie

    :Big Laugh Hi Stephanie! Welcome to Signs 101!
  16. somewhat of a newbie - advice/suggestions welcome

    :Coffee: Hi Genuis! Looking foreward to your input.
  17. new member from north ga mountains

    Welcome to :signs101: .
  18. Newbie Here too!

    :Coffee: Hi!!!!
  19. Glass Appreciation Award - detail

    Glass Appreciation Award - detail

    Set into LED lit sign base, to highlight text detail
  20. Member Album by Lane Booth

    Member Album by Lane Booth