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  1. Need help finding font

    This might point you in the direction.
  2. I'm sorry in advanced.

    From what i understand you are using heat transfers that you run threw you injet? If that's the case use a razerblade/scissors cut the image out place it where you like and apply.
  3. Font Help Please

    Font No problume. Font used was Convecta Base. Letterhead Fonts / Chuck Davis / Convecta Chris Vinyl Craft Signs
  4. hello

    Welcome. You will find whatever it is you need help with here the people are great and very knowledgable.
  5. Font Help Please

    I'll give it a shot. I'll take a shot. I'm thinking it might not evan be one. I found that is the cases for most ATV's,Snowmobiles and ect. But i found somthing close. LHF Convecta Base
  6. Vinyl Roll Slicing

    Cut vinyl I have tryed the bandsaw with no luck. It melts the vinyl also it's hard to cut a stright line. However I have used a chop saw with better luck than the bandsaw and unrolling the hole role and guide cut it.
  7. Vinyl Express Versions???

    Mine says VE LXI Expert 7.5v5 Build Number 0641 also and Bought it back in Jan 05. Zero problumes yet.
  8. Font help Please.

    Thanks alot Fred.
  9. Font help Please.

    Anyone know where i might find this font Studebaker speaks of?
  10. Font help Please.

    Sorry I should have read your header. Thank you for your time. Chris Vinyl Craft Signs
  11. Font help Please.

    Woohoo!! That is exactly what i'm looking for. But I am doing a set of registration for the water craft and what you have appears to be the font i'm looking for. Anyway you could tell me which font you modded to get that. Thank you for your help.:U Rock:
  12. Font help Please.

    I belive you are correct, now that i think of it. I couldn't evan find a match for my snowmobile. Any takers on a replacement font?
  13. Font help Please.

    Font help Sorry i was having trouble uploading.
  14. Font help Please.

    Hello everyone. Could someone please help me figure out this font. It has the effects of stencil but different style font. Chris Vinyl Craft Signs :thankyou:
  15. Help!!! Pulling hair out!!! Bottom arc???

    Arcs Try playing around the the Envelope option under Effects. I have played very little with this option for i use LXI. Also i have Corel 12 so i'm not sure if the envelope option is on 9. I'm sure there might be an easier way but theres my 2 cents worth. Chris
  16. Font Help Please!!

    Font type Thank you all for your help.:U Rock:
  17. Font Help Please!!

    Can someone please help me determine what font this is on the sign in the picture. I need to do an add-on, the original sign maker is deceased. I cant get any info about the job from them. Thanks!
  18. Heat Press Deal....$365 New!

    Heat Press Machine I would be interested also. Let me know when all the details are figured out.