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  1. How to make your own application fluid ?

    haha, I've used it before, and I went back to soapy water instantly.
  2. How to make your own application fluid ?

    1-2 drops of soap + spray bottle of water.
  3. Summa DC4Sx - whos running it?

    I have been in contact with summa about getting one of these machines. They are of course very confident of it's abilities. Now it's time to hear the users side of things. I have samples coming in the mail and have seen what it's capable of. It definitely isn't as pretty as an inkjet, but...
  4. Problem with Daige 4 and bubbles

    I have had a daige for over 2 years now, with ZERO problems. I don't know why everyone bad mouths them. They are basic, easy to find replacement parts for if you do break it, and they work perfectly. Anyone who cannot use one, I truly question their intelligence.
  5. ValueJet refill inks

    Aluminum foil? How cheap can these people be. With foil you will do a great job of shorting out any board in there. Also, who says the foill will line up exactly where it needs to be? USE OEM!
  6. SP540 cutting by cropmark problem

    You need to get into service mode and mess with the crop mark adjustment. There is no other way to set these printers straight. Print, reload and cut, see how far it is off, adjust the scan and feed. Your dealer should be able to do this, my cutting is now off less than 1/16", even on a...
  7. Sc-545 and XC540 differences?

    Let me chime in here and help out, since no one seems to know the differences. I now have both of these printers running side by side. I am running the XC with flexi 8.0. The xc has the added print dryer, which I don't use, since I laminate everything. It also has a take up reel that is...
  8. Major Flaw In Daige Quickmount 4????

    I use my daige everyday for atleast 2 years now, probably 15+ prints through it a day, with no issues. It takes minimal time to get the hang of it, but you can't beat it for $1800!
  9. Sc-545 and XC540 differences?

    Roland provides zero pictures of these machines on their site, so you can do nothing but assume of what they look like except for the frontal view. I know the obvious differences, but wanted to know the differences from a users point of view. Does roland provide this? Obviously not. No...
  10. Sc-545 and XC540 differences?

    Wow, great responses.
  11. Sc-545 and XC540 differences?

    I have an XC-540 coming this Tuesday, and already have an sc-545 here printing away. What are the main differences between these printers? I will be printing at 720 x 720, 8 pass with Flexi 8 with it. Is the speed that noticeable? I would assume the wear parts (squeegees, mist pads, print...
  12. Buying my first Printer

    SP300, hands down. Don't waste your time on the others.
  13. Adding A Cutter For My XC-540

    With only a 47" cut width, there is no reason to consider this as an external cutter to a Soljet. Why would roland do this? Just seems dumb.
  14. Adding A Cutter For My XC-540

    I thought about this same thing. My question is, the GX-500 is a 50" cutter or so. Will we be able to only cut up to 50 or even 50" wide when we have a 54" printer?
  15. laminator questions for those who can help

    YOu need a sled made out of gator board or 1/8" foam board. I use a daige laminator 2 and it works absolutely perfect. NO idea why people spend $7k+ on a laminator when they are such basic technology!
  16. Hello from West Virginia

    Howdy from Morgantown!
  17. Using flexi 6.2 with a versacamm

    I don't think it has your printer added in the dialogue to even install your printer and use this software.
  18. Black Specks On Film XC-540

    YOu need to break one of the cleaning cartridges open and take a swab, dip it in, and go at it. The heads should SHINE silver and not be black at all. This includes around the bottom area of the head and around the outside edges. What it sounds like is the head is gunked up and needs a good...
  19. Will this Roland ever live again!!

    When they were NEW at their insane price, they didn't work 100%. I'm not sure why people keep messing with these printers when so much better technology is out there now.
  20. VersaCamm Cutting problems

    First check the blade, which is generally obvious when the lines aren't getting through the vinyl, or are tearing the vinyl instead of cutting it. If you are dealing with the skipping issues, or the problem where the vinyl isn't making turns, or is even not cutting in some places, the...