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  1. X3 Crashing

    I installed SP1 last night when it really started annoying me and no luck
  2. X3 Crashing

    When I am working in X3 the artwork will just disappear. If I switch to wireframe still nothing. So I have been trying to figure it out. If it happens I can save it close that window and open the file again and it is there. Just really annoying
  3. Flexi 8 (no key needed?)

    Can you plug the dongle into a print server and do it like that for a network?
  4. Ce-2000-60

    I was having a problem with the FC-7000 and while he was on the phone with me, I had him help me and under the setting it was set at 78". We changed it to run longer
  5. Smart Designs

    Not so much the clipart but the simplicity that it makes corel
  6. General fonts

    So what fonts are ya'll using? I just got my new pc and don't want to have 1000's of useless fonts. Maybe a good 30-50 to put on the laptop
  7. Smart Designs

    Don't know how I came across this plugin but I spoke with the rep and took an online tour of it and it seems pretty cool. Anybody using this?
  8. Ce-2000-60

    I hooked up our old plotter to do some runs, we are a little busy, and It is not cutting more than 5 and half feet at a time. Any ideas?
  9. What fonts do you use?

    I didn't know there was anything except Arial.
  10. HELLO from South Carolina

    Welcome to Signs 101 from South Carolina. How do you specialize in like 10 different things? Just bustin' your balls
  11. I'm Back

    Yeah, 30 mins. You are from Ohio? You know that Hilton Head Island, SC is the second largest Ohio city right
  12. I'm Back

    I am still with the fire dept, I work a 48 hours on, 96 hours off so I spent alot of time sleeping on my days off, so now that I am doing signs again I feel more productive. I am doing production and installs and helping customers that walk in the door for what I feel is a reasonable rate. They...
  13. I'm Back

    Okay so I am not new here, just a return. I got out of the sign business and I was told I would get sucked back into the sign business. Well it happened!! Thanks to the city council all the large signs have 60 days to be down. So I have been sucked backed in, and how great it is to work for...
  14. Stone in my shoe.

    Another thing you might want to consider is some of the signs that me be in the ROW may have been installed before the new or revised sign codes came out so they may be grandfathered. I was picking some permits up yesterday and they asked me why Acme Doctors office sign was installed yet and I...
  15. Stone in my shoe.

    As your codes enforcment office what up or who ever you see to get your permit. I have the same problem in my city. Up the road from my rouse you can not see past a sign, then an oak tree and then a temporay 30 day banner that has been up for 5 months now. I emailed my codes enforcment officer...
  16. Help Corel 12 quit working

    Man have i had bad luck with PC's this week, first my laptop's power supply burned up and now my backup desktop's Corel Draw 12 quit working. I tried to uninstall and reintstall corel with no luck.. This is the problem I am having. When I open it it says "Valid workspace file not found at the...
  17. Hello from Branson

    Welcome, from Port Royal, South Carolina. I have heard great things about your city, maybe one day I will take a vacation there.
  18. List of fonts

    I have windows xp home, is there a way I can print out every font i have? What I want to have is a list of fonts name with each font name it own font...hope that makes since. Is there an easy way to do that?
  19. Help !!!!!!!!!!

    Was it like cutting the letters in half when you looked at the cut paths on the screen? It was doing that to me when I imported an Ai. file, it cuts them fine though. What I do is select all convert to curves in corel, export Ai. v7 and import into flexi
  20. Clipart......$30....1.7 Million Pieces

    7,000 Fonts I would die of old age looking for the perfect one