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  1. Here's a font I would love to know exists...any ideas?

    The copy in the oval on the bottom right is Sonic XBD BT, I believe.
  2. How not to get the job

    Poor soul . . . he was just too high strung.
  3. 48"x30" Magnet on a Van

    If they have zoning laws that say they can't have a commercial vehicle parked at home overnight, I have a better and safer suggestion. Letter the vehicle directly so there is no danger of these big magnets flying off when the vehicle is at speed. Then sell them some blank magnets to cover the...
  4. Where to find?

    If you're already into vinyl, then you probably already have a good collection of vector images. Deer heads, fish, or whatever. They will work just as well for sublimation as they do for vinyl cutting. Simply make a page in your software 12 inches wide by 6 inches tall and import whatever...
  5. Sweet Flames on your truck

    He left out excessive brake friction, which is a scenario in which flames actually could originate at the front wheelwells. An entirely possible occurence, although for a realistic look the truck owner would need to install a pair of blown out and shredded front tires, as the heat would melt the...
  6. Iron on vinyl for awnings

    There used to be a low-melt material you could cut on your plotter and apply with a hand iron. It was called Thermobanner and made by Specialty Materials, but the last time I tried to order some it had been discontinued. I did a number of tents with it and it worked really well.
  7. American Pickers

    I like American Pickers and Pawn Stars. I worked at a pawn shop for about 5 years back in the day. We got a lot of old stuff, but never anything with real history associated with it. No Thomas Jefferson silver or John Hancock letters or anything like that. Lots of old guns, antique flatirons...
  8. ironic?

    When I was a teenager I worked at a full service gas station. We checked your oil, washed your windshield, the whole nine yards.
  9. Shooting figure.... where o where

    If you can dig out your old copy of Coreldraw 8 clipart, there are 3 or 4 good ones on there under Sports>Individual.
  10. Advice on "FOR SALE" sign?

    You could omit the "For Sale By Owner" part and make "Prime Commercial Property" be the header. That automatically says it's for sale. Do the price on a separate small panel and cock it at an angle on the main sign, cuz he's gonna call you back and want the price changed.
  11. Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Car Wrap

    Polish the axles which are really nails, grind the nail heads down as small as possible, grind the inside hubs of the wheels and the inside edge of the wheels to sharp edges, slightly raise one front wheel, coat the axles with graphite, and make it weigh exactly 5 ounces with the weight toward...
  12. Help me sell my dads truck! 1971 Chevrolet C10 Cheyenne Truck Un-restored Original

    I had a 71 short wheel base with a 350 in it when I was about 25 years old. Had the bucket seats and console out of an old Blazer of about the same model. It was a sharp old truck and I wish I still had it.
  13. How 'bout

    The only scaffold story I have is when I was building my shop. Three sections up bolting pieces together and my son's rather large bulldog quietly chews the rubber off one of the wheels.
  14. Relief line in corel????

    Arrange>break contour group apart. Then select just the 2 contours and click arrange>ungroup. Select the inside contour and change the color to white. Done.
  15. Raccoon-a-corn

    In my neck of the woods, the "ra" part is totally unnecessary. It would just be called a "coonacorn".
  16. Things we do for our kids ...

    My son and I raced a Ministock Mustang for the last 3 years. It's painted yellow and black with a blue stripe separating the 2 colors, along with the numbers and all the sponsor decals. I bought each of my grandsons a Powerwheels Mustang and painted them up just like the real racecar, decals and...
  17. Boom Truck Hydraulic Fluid

    It's the same type of hydraulic fluid used in farm tractor hydraulics. Auto parts stores may have it, but a farm supply store will have it for sure.
  18. New Shop

    I think Jill's poem sounded more like Dr. Seuss than rap.
  19. how to type in zapfdingbats?

    If you're using Corel, you can go to Text/Insert Symbol Character. It will bring up a docker with your font list in it. Just pick Zapf Dingbats and it will show every character in that font. You can just click and drag them onto your page in Corel.
  20. OK Clipart GODS

    I could be wrong, but I believe that image came from It's a pay sight that you can download from.