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  1. Sublimated Banner Vendor

    Thanks Robert, I'll give them a call.
  2. Sublimated Banner Vendor

    Good Morning, I have 30+ existing banners that were supplied by another vendor who is no longer in business. The customer orders annually from me and I cannot locate a vendor to supply similar material with similar heat seam. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  3. Font assistance

    excellent I greatly appreciate your assistance. thank you
  4. Font assistance

    Customer calls it "buzz font" I don't find anything even close with that particular name. Any ideas? Please/Thank You
  5. darn font is driving me batty

    >>>>>>>>>> Many many thank yous.
  6. darn font is driving me batty

    I have used this font before, looked through all of my fonts and came up empty. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the horrible pic. Screen capture of a sew file. thank you.
  7. General Summa DC4 questions

    I utilize mine all the time for photos. I often underestimate the capabilities of this machine.
  8. After almost seven years, calling it quits

    Personally, I am sorry to hear that you are closing up shop. I enjoyed working with you in the past. There is no doubt in my mind that whatever direction you go you'll kick some butt. Wishing you nothing but success Chris.
  9. The costs of running a business...

    That is some great/valuable information. Thanks Checkers
  10. Wish List for Summa DC4 / DC4sx

    Have you visited
  11. freehand 10 user needed

    Still use Freehand. Was sorry to see it go as well. Although I am trying to ween myself to Corel and Illy. First drawing program I learned on a computer. A long time ago.
  12. Last shirt going to Afghanistan

    Great Looking T! 4 color process or a boatload of screens?
  13. font help

    struggling with this one. I appreciate your input.
  14. store obstruction error...please help

    Hey that was my Mouse! Take the top panel off, then the goldish colored inner cover (covers the head) you can then double check all connections at the bays home base. Alot easier to check the sensors from the top then looking from underneath (imo). Did Summa support have you run a test that made...
  15. I need some help (screenprinting/font) ?

    agree It's Machine, with a modified inset. To accomodate the centers to open up more. When cutting stencils the size of the centers can be hard to keep track of.
  16. wi-ex cell phone signal

    update I purchased the Wi-Ex. Did some additional testing and found my initial location was best. I think once spring rolls around I will reduce the length of the cable and bury it. It works far better than I hoped. Almost full signal strength. No dropped calls, and haven't had to repeat myself...
  17. Sign I made for a friend for Christmas

    My 75 year old mother would absolutely love that. Fantastic job. Your roof need replaced. lol
  18. New Garage!!! On its way

    That is a great price. I built the same shop several years back. Of course I wish it was 3x the size. How much more for 12' or 14' height? I built 12' one of the best decisions I made. Would rather had 14' but found a steal of a deal on doors. I put 4 windows (wish I didn't) and put the big...
  19. Company Greeting cards 2009?

    Good Stuff!
  20. Laid Off?

    My wife/I lost our jobs after 22 years last October. I took a job for half the amount of wages for the benefits. It's a dog eat dog world out there.