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  1. Ioline studio 8 opinions?

    My Ioline, a solid workhorse I bought a Smarttrac Ioline, it will take up to 30" vinyl, but I always use 24. I used to do the heat press thing, but it is hell on blades. We tried keeping one spare blade to use for that, and keep one for vinyl, but they kept getting mixed up. What are you...
  2. Hello from NH

    Try Ameriban, not a lot of substrates, but great for the vinyl & banner supplies. 1 800 654 8405
  3. Pricing Your Work

    on the per square inch thing... I don't do enough real "Signs" my work is 95% stickers and graphics. My "little" stickers (5x7 or equivalent) are $8 that works out to like 23 cents. Next size up is 8x10 for $10. Considerably bigger - I use a flat ten cents. What bugs me about that...
  4. New Thread for Gerber Owners

    curious as to cost I don't have an Edge or a Roland or an Arizona, but thinking along those lines. What is the cost per square foot or square inch on using an Edge for full color stuff ? Not including the substrate you're printing & cutting on. For instance, what was your actual cost in...
  5. File importing

    .ai & Corel I'm using Corel 10, only hangup it seems to have is on .EPS files sometimes. Oft times you get a file with an .ai extension when in reality it should have been .eps or .ps. If you get a small grey box when you 'import' try using 'open' instead. Or could be the file is just flat...
  6. What do people use to view/manage fonts

    I use something called Arts & Letters Boss Font Manager. It came bundled with a CD I bought (which one ? your guess as good as mine) Works pretty good, but is limited to 1000 fonts at a time. Darn..