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  1. We are adding subcontractors

    the large companies doing the build will 1st request from us, a certificate of insurance . they will then Email renderings of the proposed signage. if we are interested in doing the project , we will be sent spec sheets to go out and physically survey the site. at a cost to them. our costs for...
  2. Should we call the location service?

    it should not cost you anything.stake it out , dig safe comes in , they will know exactly where it is going.
  3. Gemini studs in a pinch

    the studs are 10/24 ths thread they are made of alum. surprised your supplier does not have them, they would also sell the 1/2" plastic cubes, they are already tapped at 10/24. we can get them in 4" & 6" lengths.
  4. Wood Blanks & Paint Options (one shot getting too expensive)

    we have access through our supplier for ALL WOOD it is red cedar. it comes 1 3/4" thick in a choice of ready made sizes. nice product and blasts very nicely. just not sure if your supplier has access to the product.
  5. What tools should be on my bucket list?

    Wood Craft is a great source for carving tools. pick and choose what you can afford. i purchased chisels from them 30 years ago, still have and use them. learn good sharpening skills and they will last forever. have a 6'x12' router table but still like to bang away on my chisels.
  6. Cutting Letters

    Cutawl, great machine, and still is. the right blade can sometimes be hard to find, but a great tool....
  7. Installing dibond signs on chain-link solo?

    how thick is the dibond , use grommets to reinforce your holes
  8. Large order of single arm sign posts needed

    check-out DeeSign (1-800-333-7446) . they have a good website. I have used them alot over the years.
  9. Do you warranty your signs?????????????

    remember when Avery had their vinyl issues. would send you a new roll of vinyl, after giving them your 1st born, no replacement cost on your labor. we have 1year warranties on our ballasts and transformers, as the manufacturer does, the problem is, that it still costs you in labor to replace the...
  10. Need Help Looking for vintage video footage of old school signmakers

    never really thought about videos way back when. cameras and equip. would be very bulky. 40 years ago we had 4 sign painters in our shop. layouts were done on paper, pounced then lettered. by todays timeline everything took days to complete
  11. 6mm PVC or 3mm ACM for hanging sign?

    if your planning on using 6mm or .063 alum place grommets in the material, do this all the time, lasts a very long time.
  12. Permit Fees

    in our area we have a lot of historical, which means a meeting, most do not start until 7:00 pm. there are times when you are the last one on the eve. agenda. you can sit there for upwards to 3 hours, you have to charge the cust. by the hour. you can be sitting next to a lawyer, you can't...
  13. Bubble Cube Van layout?

    i have taken a measurement from the bot of the window to the ground moved to the front of the body take the same measurement mark it, move to the back of the body make a mark , snap a line, see if it looks good. optically correct is the best way. draw a stabilo line if you wish to see the...
  14. Install of alu-composite sheets to cinderblock wall - best method?

    signcomp makes a frame system that you mount to the building , slide the faces in and have 1 side of the frame removable. the best is there are no open spaces on the panels for the wind to get in. nice and neat with just the screws holding the end runner in.
  15. Flourescent Bulb Length

    it is more than likely an extruded alum. cabinet, not sure if the fixtures are tombstone or standard sockets. the alum that they are affixed to is probably .040. unscrew one side slide it vertically up or down,this will give you the room you need to put the lamps in place. once in place, slide...
  16. Dark/Navy Blue Prefinished panel

    i have used the alupanel Dk Blue in the past, not a bad color. 1 side has a gloss finish, other side is matt finish.
  17. Punched vinyl issues

    my thoughts exactly.
  18. Suggestions I need to find a supplier for 3M graphic films

    New England Sign Supply they our just north of Boston
  19. Best way to deal with seams on multiple face panels across large lighted cabinet?

    depth of the cabinet is critical, as stated. flat faces will show hot spots if cabinet is not deep enough. one reason for the use of pan faces it does place the face aprox. 3-4" more, away from the lamps.
  20. Feed rate and Spindle Speed rate for cnc cutting

    check with the manufacturer of the router bit let them what you have for a machine, etc. they should be able to set you straight