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  1. Be More Profitable #1

    GameStop!!! Stock!
  2. Need Help Cutting tabs on aluminum

    Any of the larger sign suppliers can get you in touch with a source. The sign supplier can be your biggest partner when it comes to this kind of stuff, some of the salesman have either worked in sign shops for years or have been selling to shops for years. Good luck.
  3. Olive LED out of business?

    I just logged on to their site, maybe it was on your end. Good luck!
  4. Question Who is the go-to for Gemini marquee letters

    Gemini has stopped selling to sign companies, they only sell to resellers. What other sources for the good, heavy marquee changeable letters? Reece, GSG, Glanz etc. have them in sets, but who else sells these now? Yes I looked online....
  5. Question Laminator from overseas

    Confirm it includes the 25% tariff fee also.
  6. Question Laminator from overseas

    You will always get what you pay for. I have a $100k Chinese laser....but, I went to China before I bought it, made sure of what I was buying. I am very tech savvy and can fix almost anything. Good luck!
  7. Lip on Aluminum Cut

    Try a new bit, confirm everything. Make sure the spindle is turning the correct way, etc. You should not have to touch it after it gets off the table. Our table runs 18hrs a day. Everything looks and feels like it was cut with a razor blade. Good luck mate!
  8. Suggestions Chinese channel letters machine

    After 30 years, I got this figured out, part of being in business. Just don’t think buying a machine to make letters is your answer, that’s all I am saying.
  9. Suggestions Chinese channel letters machine

    Unless you are very tech savvy, I would put the brakes on that one. Buy wholesale until your not “new”, 10 years or so. I have been in the sign business 30 years and my crew can pump out letters 3 times faster than any machine on the market. Good luck my friend.
  10. Large Vinyl Install advise

    Cricket job here.
  11. Signlab problem

    Confirm the security key is plugged in. USB jump drive looking device.
  12. Some of our fellow sign makers just make ya shake your head

    You need to expose the name of this company so we all don’t fall into the same trap. I enjoy reading all your excursions in this biz.
  13. New here

    Welcome from Texas, good to hear new folks getting into this profession. Sounds like you have you have a good background for this biz!
  14. Sectional channel letter installation.

    Guys, we all know this UL bs is all about $. I have seen some stuff come out of the Dallas area for a long time that is “UL” and my cat could have built better. This guy is at least asking, but you are all correct, every area/city has different ideas of what is acceptable. 30 years of this...
  15. Installing Banner With Velcro..

    Did these roll down the road or was this just sitting still?
  16. LED retrofit matieral

    Just make sure you support the middles or you will be back to fix the “sag”!!! Good luck!
  17. Suggestions Outdoor signage frame box supplier

    You will need a sign contractors license along with a master electrical license to pull any permit or install a sign. Call your local GSG they will be able to supply anything sign related. Good luck!
  18. Completely washed out backlit panels

    I want to know what brand of white LEDS are in this thing.