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  1. i got a new toy & a new project, all in one!

    What will you be using to cut/rout the coroplast? If you try to use the router, it will shred and melt. We fought with cutting foam core and coroplast on our CNC for years. Finally, this year, we added an oscillating tangential cutter. It cuts almost every "soft" material perfectly. We print the...
  2. Edge finish on ACM

    We cut ACM with a coated aluminum 1/8" upcut bit. 18000rpm and 150 ipm. One pass with slope insert. Too slow and the plastic melts. If you are talking about Alumalite, that's a different story. We use Amana Tool 46302 CNC Solid Carbide ZrN Coated Honeycomb Cutting 1/4 D x 3/4 CH x 1/4 SHK x...
  3. Suggestions Printing on Laptop Case using flat bed UV

    Double back tape it to a blank "laptop" and then double back tape it to the bed.
  4. CNC Routing Clear Acrylic

    We use: Amana Tool 51404-K Spektra Coated SC Spiral O Single Flute, Plastic Cutting 1/4 D x 3/4 CH x 1/4 SHK x 2 Inch Long Up-Cut CNC Router Bit with Mirror Finish It appears you are going too slow and building up too much heat that melts the acrylic. We cut straight through 1/4" running at...
  5. Somebody can convert to vector $15.00 4 hours done!
  6. Merging names with photos in a design to then export

    We set up a template in "INDESIGN", create a CSV from the Excel sheet with just the first name and path to the image. It will create a mulitpage PDF or individual files.
  7. Software Help RasterLink 6 overcut

    I guess I wasn't clear in my question.....We are getting little "tabs" on corners making it difficult to weed. I think we need to overcut them slightly and I cannot find that setting. thanks
  8. Software Help RasterLink 6 overcut

    Good Morning All, Anybody know a way to adjust the over/under cut in Rasterlink 6 running on a Mimaki CJV 150-160? Can't seem to find any settings. thanks for your help. Art
  9. Arizona printhead bad??

    We had the same problem on our Vanguard. Even sent the head out for "SUPER" cleaning. Ended up replacing.
  10. Need Help Template Paper for Vacuum Bed

    OCE VACUBOND – 17 lb Bond for AZ Flatbed
  11. cutting after printing

    We do it by printing a mark off the image that is the "0,0" and then print another mark off the print in the opposite corner and note that position. We have a laser pointer that mounts in the spindle. Bring the CNC to 0,0, set the work piece, bring the cnc to the opposite mark, set the piece...
  12. Adhesive Vinyl SALE!

    BFPAGP-60 What does bubble free mean? Is it solvent printable? Shipping to 07748? Thank you
  13. Looking for a suggestion on poster job

    You can get them done through DFS on 16pt C2S stock for under $1.00 each. Does not pay to do them yourself. Add money for grommets or stick on corner hangers.
  14. CNC Services

    We are in New Jersey and can help you.
  15. Question Floor Graphics

    Good Morning Folks, I was asked to quote a custom cut floor graphic approx. 24"x 24" printed on clear vinyl and laminated. They want quantities quoted up to 1000. It would take us FOREVER to do this. Any suggestions who could do this for us? Thanks
  16. Vanguard VK300D vs Canon Océ Arizona 2260 XT flatbeds.

    We have the Ricoh Gen5 heads in ours. What ink did you switch to?
  17. Vanguard VK300D vs Canon Océ Arizona 2260 XT flatbeds.

    We have the Vanguard 4x8 flatbed for two years now and have been very happy with it. Good print quality, the ability to add more heads if business really takes off and the LED lamps sold us over the Oce. As with all these printers, daily maintenance is the key to success.
  18. Rastek H652/650 white ink slow to purge

    We found that the lines from the pumps were clogged on our flatbed. Also found buildup and clogs in the sub tanks above the heads. It's messy, but you can use flush, disconnect both ends and flush it out.
  19. 6mm diebond machining tips

    We use o-flute aluminum bits from Onsrud or Amana and they work great. We climb cut and run at 18K at about 100 in/min. If you are experiencing the chips getting "welded" to the bit you are probably going too slow and building up too much heat.
  20. Cut Work Table or Rollsroller?

    Solock, Hello, If you don't mind, what did you pay for the unit delivered to your location?\ Thanks