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  1. If somebody has not paid for a sign, do we have the right to go take it back?

    The few times I've faced this I make a "courtesy" phone call to the property manager or landlord to give them a heads up that I'm about to file a mechanics lien on the property. I think the lien can create issues for the PM so to save themselves headaches they'll get the client to pay up
  2. anyone looking for help in Georgia?

    Not to nit pick but GA400 didn't exist 40 years ago. Nor did I985, I675, I575. But to your bigger point yes the traffic here sux
  3. Just In Difference..............

    Personally, I don't need to visit any website to be insulted. I just have to say hello to my wife and the critique begins.
  4. Painting PVC letters

    Usually wipe with alcohol, prime with Matthews Tie Bond then top coat with Matthews paint
  5. Electric Component Pricing

    Definitely take a full mark-up. Sometimes even new ballasts fail and who will your customer look to for the replacement? You! The ballast may be replaced under warranty but the electrician won't go back for free so you get to pay him again.
  6. painting perforated vinyl

    It can be painted with Mathews Paint using their flex additive no problem. But it does clog the holes. You need to brush or blow gun the holes a bit
  7. How much should I charge to replace Jewelite on Channel Letters

    You need to charge what you need to stay in business and make a profit. But that said, in my market shops only charge $2-$3 per inch for a completely new face
  8. What are some tools you can't go without when forming channel letters.

    Not high tech just steel pipes in different diameters and an extensive vocabulary of 4 letter words
  9. Need Help Issue with trim-cap installation results

    There aren't any good options only less bad. 1 Retrace the letters with the existing trimcap on so you cut them looser 2 If you used 1" jewelite, pull it off and use 3/4". it's thinner and more flexible 3 make 1/2" snips along the edge of the can and bend the edges inward
  10. CVS repair. I need to quote on redoing a CVS wall sign with storm damage.

    Yes the red. I think the returns are black. I have the main logo but could use the "Open 24 Hours" as vector art or just advise what font to use. Thanks
  11. CVS repair. I need to quote on redoing a CVS wall sign with storm damage.

    This is through a contractor who is dealing with a building owner who is dealing with an insurance company, Nobody at the top of the chain wants to involve CVS.
  12. CVS repair. I need to quote on redoing a CVS wall sign with storm damage.

    Anyone know what color acrylic is speced for CL faces? Also any idea what font the lighted "Open 24 Hours" is?
  13. vinyl on pvc

    that's good to hear. Thanks
  14. vinyl on pvc

    I need to lay some translucent vinyl on white pvc. The reason for trans is to color match a back lit sign on a different wall. I tested the vinyl and it looks OK but I'm not sure if the vinyl will stick long term. Should I pretreat the pvc somehow or am I worried about nothing
  15. Acid wash for trailers?

    Aluminum trailers are sometime cleaned with hydrofluoric acid which is extremely dangerous if not handled properly. I would avoid using acid unless you know what you're doing. This from a former chemistry teacher.
  16. corel x5

    Wow simple when you know what you're doing. Thanks much
  17. corel x5

    Here's a simple example. This would be one piece cut from pvc, the circles would be painted different colors to give the look of overlap. I can always add nodes and delete line segments but I would like to learn to get more from the software. I guess basically i'm trying to create a simple tool...
  18. corel x5

    when I weld I just get an outline and loose all the stuff in the middle
  19. corel x5

    When two images overlap I know there is an easy way to eliminate the overlapped lines but I can't remember how to do it. I know this was explained once but I can't find the thread in the archive. Any help would be appreciated.