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  1. I have a TAB issue - Graphtec FC8600-130

    From your picture it looks like an overcut/offset setting since the cut isn't completing. You should be able to use the CB15U on everything you are cutting, just make sure that you don't stick anymore blade out than is necessary to do you perf cut. Slowing your cut speed may help with you...
  2. C

    We are open and shipping blades...everyone here is well.

    We are open and shipping blades...everyone here is well.
  3. Need Help Stickers not getting cut throughly by Graphtec plotter

    I agree with Signmeup, check you blade depth. Don't forget that cutting paper will dull your blade faster than cutting vinyl. Slower speeds seem to keep the blade cooler and stay sharper longer.
  4. Summa F1612 blade 500-9807

    I don't make that one, but you could try
  5. Graphtec CB09 blades

    can't fault you for that Mr Fatty, do you have a red holder for your machine? I have a new blade made out of a new material for glitter and reflective and magnets, but I don't make it for the blue holder yet. I can't blame you abit for using a cheaper alternative for glitter it is nasty on...
  6. Roland SP540V cutter blade, suggestions?

    RJ, if you buy my blades and the tip falls off in 3 days it's a fluke and I will replace it. Inkmed, my blades are made with American made carbide and will stand up against any blades on the market guaranteed no questions asked. To be fair to Roland, just because they say Roland on the...
  7. Graphtec CB09 blades

    Thanks for the votes guys. CP sorry to burst your bubble, but the blades from sign warehouse are knockoffs not OEM.
  8. Cutting Magnetic Material

    I talked to Magnatek in Vegas last year. They had a piece of fiberglass window screen taped over the metal on the bed of the machine to keep the magnet away from the it. Please try one of my ROLD 60M's and let me know if it works.
  9. Clean Cut Blade Signs 101 Discount Code?

    coupon code Hey folks I heard there was a question on forum discounts. There is-> if you put the word forum in the coupon code spot, you will get 5% more off your total. However it only works with 3 or more blades. If you buy 1 blade and want a discount tell me that on the comment section of...
  10. Need help in or near Plymouth Michigan

    I hate to ask but I need help from someone in the Detroit area that would be willing to pick up 2 small pieces of equipment and store them until I can pick them up next week. Desperate--please help if you can Call Ross @ Clean Cut Blade toll free 1-866-579-0963 ASAP Thanks in advance!!!
  11. Mutoh cutter blades?

    Bogie, there is a Mutoh cutter series that use blades with a brass collar and springs. (model QC maybe) But they are the same diameter as the normal Mutoh blades 1.5 MM the Graphtec 09U's are .9MM
  12. Cutting Help Needed

    Go alittle bit bigger at a time until the tag goes away. The tags will get bigger as the blade wears.
  13. Cut Off Blade...

    Josh, Do you have an old sample you can send me? I may be able to duplicate it. I am starting to make the Mimaki one, is it similar? Anyone know? Ross
  14. Plotter Blade Question

    If your blade is leaving "tags" in the corners or where the o comes together try increasing your knife offset.
  15. 30, 45, 60 degree blades?

    Years ago, most plotters came with a 30° blade and is used mostly now for thin materials like window tint. In recent years the 45° is the most universally used. 60° blades are indeed for thicker materials and small detail cutting. The 60° is becoming popular as well for reflective, chrome...
  16. 2 Questions: Firmware Upgrade Safe? / Online Source for Blades?

    Thanks for the recommendations guys, you don't know how much I appreciate it!!! Slamman you brought up a good point: How do I get my discount? If you just make note that you are a member at Signs 101 and what your forum name is, we will make sure that you get your discount when we...
  17. So, about blades...

    Mark, Just so you know they don't do there own grinding, another company that shall not be named does. Ross
  18. So, about blades...

    Ken, Yes there are companies out there that will resharpen, but I used to work for one that did and they use that program to get rid of the blades they make that don't make it through 1st inspection. If you send them 20 blades to resharpen, they measures those and maybe reject 4 because they...