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  1. how can I designate an external drive a different alphabetical character

    rt click my computer, choose "manage" select "disk management" from the menus on the left select your drive, rt. click it and choose "change drive letter and path" make sure something else hasn't stolen the drive 'E"... maybe a usb stick or something.
  2. Banner sewing

    Juki double needle lockstitch 1560N....
  3. any computer gurus on here?

    $2700 is what the parts cost... I built it myself in Nov. 2009 i7 Quad, Raptors in a Raid-0 for O/S, three data drives (cust files drive mirrored, and "other" storage) 2 TB backup drive, BR Burner, DVDRW, loads of cooling, 12gb RAM, etc... Same machine today is probably $1200!
  4. any computer gurus on here?

    hardware standardization is always a great idea! About 2 years ago I found a biz clearing out leased Dell GX-280's for $50 each... I bought a few of them and converted two of my "side machines" to them and one hot spare. My side machines are controllers for the laser engraver and one for...
  5. any computer gurus on here?

    some saturday just unplug your O/S HDD and say "kaboom" to yourself and then start the stopwatch/// See how long it takes you to get back up and running. Then just pull out the tester drive and plug in your original.
  6. any computer gurus on here?

    HDD's are so cheap now that you would be foolish to not have a spare or two sitting around. You also need (EVERYONE) a disaster recovery plan specifically for how you will recover from a few of the common computer failures: -Lost O/S HDD -Bad Power Suppy -Bad Mobo For the cost of some...
  7. Mutoh trade in program

    what do you think you could sell a 1604 for??
  8. Award Ribbons - Large job.

    Awards ribbons are usually hot-foil pressed. You need a die making machine, or job that out, then the foil press, then you may also have a pinking shear, a carding/folding machine, and grommets/strings.... depending on type/size/configuration of ribbon. Maybe some kind of roll to roll...
  9. Bicycles...............

    Look for a nice vintage 80's-90's bike... a bike that would have been $800-1500 in 1990 will be just a couple hundo's now, and still a great bike given how you will be using it. Look on Craigslist! They thing that is the most important is the fit... that you get the right size.. in cm. Go to...
  10. Help identifying ADA type sign manufacturer

    looks to me like those beads are too close to the text to be conforming.
  11. Best vector for the $$

    do you think they have threads about "what's the best hammer" over at the carpenter's forum?
  12. Sign Shop break-in

    You can pick up a Dell GX620 for less than $200 on craigslist. Buy 2 so you have a backup!
  13. Texas Brag on my New Bass

    Looks a bit like a GSR200... What model is yours?
  14. Mosher's Landing

    White Frogs Revenge!
  15. Intel 2600k with SSD / 16 GB/1600 RAM - sharing my experience for reference

    I have been using two WD 10K Raptors in a Raid-0 and think that is a good alternative to an overpriced and undersized SSD. I used two 150gb ones and they cost about $100 each 18 months ago. That gives me a 300gb system drive. If I was going to build a new system today I'd do the same...
  16. Who has one of These? Do they work this well?

    OCR has always kinda sucked, and going back and cleaning up the mistakes was as time consuming as entering data by hand... Has it gotten any better??
  17. why is a laser pointer dangerous

    I have caught a few "stingers" off my 50w laser engraver... Reflections hitting me in the eye, or just burned out retina from looking at the spot where it is burning, like looking into the sun and seeing red spots. Lenses just focus the beam to a specific diameter depending on the focal...
  18. Buying our first home

    100yo fixer upper = money pit...
  19. park ranger badge vector

    it doesn't look that tough... a clipart badge, the nat. park seal, a ribbon and text on a curve. It looks like it was screen printed on something... contact the printer and see if the art is available. It obviously exists. They sent it to the printer or he drew it...