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  1. Need help with online design

    I am looking for input on online design software.... I found this on site and the price is great and it looks good. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Here is the site All comments welcome.... Due to the poor economy I have closed my retail shop and am...
  2. Need help from the font god!!!

    Can anyone Identify this font please.... I have spent 3 hours trying to figure it out but no luck
  3. Teflon strip ioline studio 8

    with shipping it comes out to around $28.00 and that is enough to do your plotter atleast 2 times
  4. I'm new here too

  5. Need Help font identification please

    Thanks for all the help.... I found the font called Freeform 721 that fred had mentioned I think both names are correct. thanks Dave and Fred for the help!:U Rock:
  6. Need Help font identification please

    thanks dave ...... now... the next question is where to get is with out paying a fortune for it... any on have any ideas.... on where ot buy it for cheep
  7. Need Help font identification please

    here is a differant look at the same font
  8. Need Help font identification please

    I had this font and then lost the hard drive on my computer. I cant rember what the font name was. can some on please help.
  9. Kudos to FlexiSign and Thanks to Mark Rugen

    I am Impressed I just tried got threw reading this posting and then tried it with a image that I was having alot of problums with and...... holy cow it worked great.. very little clean up to do. Thanks Fred:U Rock:
  10. Best Software for the Versacamm

    my vote is for Wasatch I have tried several rip software (IE. Flexi Sign PRO, Onyx, Shiraz, Wasatch (The Full Version of Color Rip) Color Rip 2.0, 21, 2.2. So far I like Wasatch the best. Easy to use, very powerful. Flexi takes to long and the colors come out dirty looking, Onyx just frustrated...
  11. Ioline studio 8 opinions?

    we like Ioline We have several Ioline cutters. We never have any problum with them. They are built like tanks. They can cut heat transfer material. Just make shure the blade is sharp.
  12. Versacamm Users Check it out

    Versacamm Users I have a section of my site devoted to information on the versacamm. Profiles, Materials, Tips and Tricks, ect. it is free to all to use URL: User Name: versacamm Password: help (some times it will ask you for the user name and password...