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  1. 3M Materials Shortage

    Hey how did you go about buying from 3M direct? we need about 8 rolls of IJ3552C and if need to buy 10 thats ok?
  2. Need Help Epson UltraChrome

    yea pretty sure CanukSigns has some. he posted this when I was asking about it last week.
  3. Epson GS3 Black Ink

    Anyone have a lead on black ink for Epson S series? cant find it anywhere TIA Wayne
  4. Laminators

    Hi everyone, are there any good "US made" Laminators? heat assist take up roll ease of use kinda something that compares to the CWT Galaxy or similar
  5. Thrive 19 CMYK color bands

    Its the Print Gutter. should be in the placement setup window
  6. Wrapping ATMs - adhesive issues?

    any pics?
  7. 5 x10 ACM

    Thanks I will look into them!
  8. 5 x10 ACM

    Hey Guys anyone have a lead on 15 sheets of 3mm 5 x 10 max metal/diebond single side is fine grimco is out till the 10th and need them sooner TIA Wayne
  9. Routing underlayment

    SO what is the best underlayment for routing we have a Summa F1612 and need a new milling mat. is there anything thats better then the OEM roll?
  10. number sequence

    Hey Guys, I need to make a bunch of labels that go from P20001 to P20150 I use Illustrator, whats the best way of doing this they are going to be printed and kiss cut rectangles 3/4"x1.5" Thanks!
  11. PSD onyx

    Hey Guys, I thought we used to be able to print directly from PSD/PSB in onyx 12.1 Getting unsupported file format now Thanks Wayne
  12. Large standoff caps

    yea thats what its looking like but would like to avoid that
  13. Large standoff caps

    So I'm trying to find 1 1/4" dia x 1/2" h aluminum standoff caps that have a 1/4-20 thread pattern client has a trade show booth that has these hard fastened to where the acrylic panels go Ive looked -gyford-MBS-and numorus other but can't find the 1/4-20 thread need 300+ Thanks Wayne
  14. Installers who say they can - BUT can't!

    Whats the Job? we have installers we contract out. We guarantee all our work PM me if you want to talk
  15. Scratch resistant laminate

    have you tried cleaning your cutter? or maybe putting some masking tape on the "platen" before it goes into the cutter? in my experience scratches are caused by debris or dust/dirt when the laminate rubs against the machine
  16. Racks

    Anyone know where to find those old school screen print drying racks that were on a spring system? large like 4x8? everything now is so small TIA Wayne
  17. Discussion large window perf graphic install

    I've used premask in the past to help
  18. OCE Print with White on top PRODUCTION MODE

    Hey Guys is there a way to print in production mode with white on top Im doing a bunch of reverse printed acrylic and would like to go faster than Quality_LAyered mode OCE arizona 365GT Onyx PH 12.1 TIA